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  1. JSummer

    Financial advisor/planner

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for a financial advisor/planner who they have personally used when working out their move to Oz? We have property in the UK and looking for some advice on how to navigate a move and best ways to mitigate financial loss etc. Lots of confusing info out there! Any help would be hugely appreciated Thank you
  2. JSummer

    Activating visa help!

    Ah fab, thanks for the response always panic thinking something will go wrong!
  3. JSummer

    Activating visa help!

    Thank you! I know during covid there was some kind of exemption form or something, just wanted to make sure that wasn’t still the case!
  4. Hiii I had my visa subclass 100 granted and will be flying in February to activate it (had a 1 year extension during covid) question is do I need to do anything else before I travel - additional visa, forms, anything I have to fill out? Can’t find anything online so want to make sure I’m all sorted before flying thanks everyone! x
  5. I applied for the partner visa and it took 5 months from start to finish if that helps
  6. We went through this last year. I had loads of questions too at the time! Feel free to pop me a message on here and I'd be happy to help with any questions!
  7. JSummer

    309 extensions and cancellations?

    This is EXACTLY what is happening with us, I could have written this myself down to the month I applied for the visa and when I need to arrive by haha. Problem with only being able to apply 3 months before is that is takes more than 3 months to plan the move (have to start the process for our dog 6 months before!) If we wait till 3 months before and they reject our extension it will be panic stations!
  8. JSummer

    Taking dog to Oz?

    Oh amazing! I'm really happy to hear this especially with yours being a big dog too. Thank you x
  9. JSummer

    Taking dog to Oz?

    He is 100% an important member of my family, So I want to make a very careful decision on what is actually best for him and don't want to selfishly take him with me if it could negatively affect his quality of life.. If it was a case of him sitting on the flight next to me the thought of rehoming him wouldn't even enter my mind, I hate the thought of him being in cargo . As we are moving for some personal reasons unfortunately waiting until he has passed just isn't an option as he's only 5 and will live for many years to come. I think from reading some of the comments on this thread I'm feeling a lot more confident about taking him, and hopefully the stressful journey will just be a small blip in what will be a fab life for him in Australia x
  10. JSummer

    Taking dog to Oz?

    He's 5 years old. We have had him since 5 months old. He has stayed in kennels a few times before and seems to have been okay, maybe a little subdued for the first few days but soon comes back to his normal self. The flight for sure concerns me and the thought of something happening to him fills me with dread although it's been good to hear on this thread of others who have shipped their dogs and had good experiences!
  11. JSummer

    Taking dog to Oz?

    Thankyou for your reply! That's really helpful to know that it may be possible to rent properties that aren't only ticked with 'pets accepted' as we've mostly been looking through those and not finding much. Aw yeah, you're probably right, he's just a very sensitive soul so I worry about him a lot being in that situation. Thank you for the vote of confidence, definitely helps to know we are making the best decision by taking him with us
  12. JSummer

    Taking dog to Oz?

    Thank you so much for your response! We would be looking to move next year so planning quite far in advance. We did speak with a pet shipper who said we should start the process around 7 months before so we do still have some time to plan thankfully. Unfortunately I have no-one I'd be able to leave him with in the UK I was thinking I could leave him in long term kennels here but with the quote for shipping him already at £5,000 I just don't think we could afford that on top of everything else. I will definitely speak to my vet, I think I'm probably worrying a bit too much about him on the flight! Thank you x
  13. JSummer

    Taking dog to Oz?

    Hi, We are planning a move to Oz soon (partner is Australian, I have permanent residency) we live in the UK with our dog and are currently battling the decision on whether to take him with us. We will be moving to Queensland and are looking at Bayside areas East of Brisbane. Our main concerns are: 1.) Due to some our plans falling apart due to covid we will now be moving into rented accommodation when we arrive and plan to stay there for hopefully no longer than 6 months, but all depending on how long it takes us to find and purchase our own home. - How easy will it be to find a rental which accepts a large breed dog (over 30kg)? He is very well behaved, but worried this will put us bottom of the pile when it comes to applications for properties. 2.) As he is a large breed he will have to fly cargo, he does suffer some anxieties and can be reactive to other dogs. Has anyone shipped a large breed dog - how did they cope with the flights, quarantine etc. Will it all be too much for him? Outside of our concerns with finding somewhere to live with him we also want to be sure were making a decision that's best for him. If we weren't to take him it would mean rehoming him in the UK (we have lifelong rescue back up, so would be a very carefully considered home). This decision is tearing me apart and I just want to make the right one. Any help and advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you