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  1. Hamish

    Applying for e visitor 651 on UK passport

    Nothing to do with where I reside.. When I enter details for the 651 and enter UK Passport and place of residence as Spain, there's message saying I cant apply a 651.. It could be that I need to select British National Overseas or one of the other Passport status from the dropdown list.
  2. Hi... I'm a UK passport holder living in Spain. I'm not a Spanish citizen. I have residencia in Spain meaning I am taxed in Spain but don't have a Spanish passport and neither am I entitled to vote.. I still have an address in the UK. When applying for my e visitor 651, can I put my UK address on my application?
  3. Hamish

    Which entry visa?

    I'm planning to come to Oz ( no laughing ) to launch my application for an 864 CAPV Is there a certain visa I need to travel into Australia with, to enable me to do this?
  4. Re the Bridging visa B.. Can I leave and return as many times as I like until the 864 is granted or does the BVB have an expiry date and would it need renewing? Also.. when is the AoS fee payable? TIA..
  5. So the scenario is... You apply for a visa that may take a number of years to process... During those years you move house a couple of times, so your initial address would be incorrect. Will you be able to update DoHA with your new address? Would it be an issue?
  6. Thanks Marisawright, For your honest reply. Just one point I'd like to clarify. If I were to move my residency back to the UK ( meaning I would be a fiscal resident in the UK ) and ''apply'' would the Medicare issue be the same ?
  7. Hi there, I'm a newbie on here and I'm sure this has been asked a zillion times, but here goes... We are retired, mid 60's, living in Spain and looking to emigrate to be with our Permanent Citizen son in OZ, who would be our sponsor. The Contributory Parent Visa was our choice but looking at the latest threads re the possibility of caps being lowered and possible price rises, not to say the possible increase of the current 5 year application and issue times, its looking less likely of us ever being able to get there. So a couple of questions... Are there any other options or routes we could consider? Visiting ( when allowed) for longer periods of time? Other types of linked visas that would ultimately get us there? Would we be better paying for / consulting an agent? Is there a benefit of applying on shore as to off shore? Any thoughts or suggestions please? Thanks in advance.......................