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    Couple moving from UK to WA

    Hi all, we hope everyone is doing well. We are Sam and Cristina a couple moving from the UK who are looking to be in Perth around the end of September. We have had to book flights to Brisbane for quarantine as flights into WA are either so much more expensive or go via another city therefore meaning we would have to quarantine there anyway. Any way we were hoping to ask a few questions and get chatting with some people before arriving. Has anyone emigrated to WA recently or anywhere else for that matter and how did you find the transition out of quarantine with regards to finding a rental property, work, swapping driving licences and having qualifications translated etc? I (Sam) have dual nationality British/Australian and will have just turned 32 upon arriving. I would really like to join the fire service but i understand this is a highly sought after role and they only recruit 2 times a year. So with that in mind the police force is also a career i would like to consider. I have just left the RAF and believe that i have the correct attitude and skills to succeed in either role. Has anybody got any experience with joining either service? What was the process like? What advice would you give somebody like myself? Cristina will be 29 upon arriving she is from Spain but has lived in the UK for the last 9 years. She has worked as a nanny but also as a room leader at an autistic club for children aged up to 5 years old. She is incredibly passionate about working with children and would like to seek a career in education starting off with being a TA more than likely and hoping to progress from that point. Again is there anybody who could offer any advice from previous experience with regards to how to go about this? In the UK there are almost internship type programmes that allow people to work whilst studying for the qualifications required is this something thats also available in Australia? Finally we were hoping to possibly meet up with people upon arriving and it would be great to chat with anyone who currently resides in or is going to Perth, so we could maybe meet for a coffee or a beer when we arrive. Thank you very much Sam & Cristina