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  1. Anna72

    Two visa applications?

    Hello, I am travelling to Australia on September 14th. I applied for a visitor visa (600) on Tuesday. My plan is to also apply for a partner visa but my question is can I lodge the application while my visitor visa application is still pending? Or will it cancel out the visitor visa? My original plan was to apply for the partner visa in Australia but I was thinking of applying for it now... I just want to be sure that I’ll be approved by September.
  2. Anna72

    Visitor visa 600

    On the government website it says you don’t need to apply for an individual exemption if you’re immediate family?
  3. Anna72

    Partner 309 Visa

    Hi! My partner and I are moving to Australia in September, he is an Australian citizen and I am Canadian. Our original plan was to get the ETA visa for me then apply for the partner 820 visa but we are really struggling to apply for the ETA (the app won’t work unless I enter application numbers which i don’t have...). I have heard many people say off shore 309 visas are taking 2-3 months to be approved.... our flights are booked for September 14th, what do you think the chances are that we’ll be approved by then? We have excellent supporting documents etc (I actually sponsored him to be in Canada as a de facto partner 2 years ago). Or can anyone help me figure out how to apply for the ETA?
  4. Anna72

    Travel exemption/Partner Visa

    I have flights booked September 14th... do you think it’s basically guaranteed that I’ll be approved by then? We have excellent supporting documents (I actually sponsored my partner for PR in Canada two years ago)
  5. Anna72

    Moving to Australia need visa help

    I downloaded the app but it’s asking me to enter a visa number (which I don’t have) do you know if there’s a way to bypass it?
  6. Anna72

    Moving to Australia need visa help

    Thank you, what kind of visa do I need then? I was looking at the ETA will that suffice?
  7. Hi! My partner and I are moving to Australia in September and I need help with the visa situation. We have been together 3.5 years (de facto partners) and he is an Australian citizen. I Am in the process of applying for a travel exemption (have to wait until June 14th to submit) and intend on applying for a partner visa onshore. the part I am unclear about is do I need another visa? Or can I enter Australia with solely the travel exemption?
  8. Anna72

    Travel exemption/Partner Visa

    Hi! I am in a very similar situation as you are. Who advised you to get a travel exemption then apply onshore? That’s what our plan is, do you know if you need another visa as well as the exemption, say a tourist visa or something? Or is the exemption enough to get you in?