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  1. I’m feeling really stuck between Aus and the UK... I absolutely love the lifestyle here in Australia but I miss my friends & family back in the UK so much. I’m worried we will go back to the UK and hate the lifestyle, I’ve got so used to the sun, swimming in the ocean, the expansive countryside etc etc. BUT I’m terrified of staying here too because I’m missing out on valuable time with my parents who won’t be here forever! I’m also tired of missing birthdays, christmasy, weddings etc back home with the people I care about most. I’m also 30 and at the age where I’d really like to be thinking about buying a house, kids, blah blah. And feel like we can’t possibly embark on that journey until we have committed to a country. My partner and I are currently on PR and can apply for citizenship in February but we have told our family we will be home for good for Christmas which I want to be but I also want Australian citizenship. I’m aware that whilst Febuary is not far away the citizenship process is a 12 month + ordeal and feel like with covid I can’t be away from home much longer - the guilt is killing me. A bit of a brain splat but does anyone have any words of wisdom? Should we stay or should we go?