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    Visa 600 extension

    Thanks TOOTS I looked at the parent visa a few years ago - I think they have a yearly quota, a long waiting list, and it’s very expensive. I’ll contact the person you suggested
  2. Penny Bassett

    Visa 600 extension

    Actually I ‘feel’ Australian because this is where I grew up. I was 6 when our family arrived from the UK in 1956. When I returned to live in the UK I had an Australian husband and 2 Aussie children with me - we didn’t think about it back then, 1978. We had right of entry to the UK and Australia. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. One of my children lives in the UK and the other in Perth, WA. Each visa extension I have applied for has cost money. The original one was $50, the first extension $120 and the second one $1300. I’m not asking for anything for nothing . I haven’t cost the Australian taxpayer one cent and I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars. I had hoped I might get some helpful advice rather than what feels to be criticism
  3. Penny Bassett

    Visa 600 extension

    I arrived in Australia from UK , with a UK passport, on 5/12/2019 on a 6 month Tourist Visa 600. Due to COVID I applied for a 6 month extension which was granted. I then applied for a further extension till Aug 2021 which was also granted. I grew up in Australia but foolishly didn’t get citizenship. I married an Aussie and have 2 Australian children. We divorced in 1984. I am very nervous about returning to the UK; I am anxious about the vaccine; my UK home is occupied by some friends of my sons who couldn’t find accommodation because of COVID. Im thinking of applying for yet another extension OR can anyone suggest an alternative strategy please? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.