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  1. Do you know if you have to quarantine again after 14 days if crossing state borders?
  2. Sounds a nightmare...... Appreciate the advice
  3. Thank you for your reply and I am sorry to read about your dad. I am sure this is causing a nightmare and distress for some many people in this situation. Was there mandatory quarantine back then? I know that I will have to quarantine at first point of entry for 14 days in a hotel so I guess it wouldn’t matter where I get the flight into. From what I have researched I could quarantine in SYD and cross border into SA without need to quarantine again. So many hurdles to get through so will wait for the exception form decision. Singapore airlines seem to have flights from mid June but seem to sell out quick
  4. Great thanks for the information. I will go ahead with the exemption form today
  5. Thank you for the response. Is is correct that I need to wait for the visa to be processed before applying for the exception?
  6. This is where is makes no sense as if I have to apply for the visa first it says it can take upto 5 months to process. What if you needed to get out there for a funeral? Especially as it says a business visa can be processed in 5 days
  7. Hi I am in the UK, my mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and she lives in South Australia I am aware I need to apply for an exception to travel but first I believe I need a visa to be granted. I have applied for an evisitor visa but processing time is 45 days to 5 months. Does anyone know if this process can be speeded up? I am aware the chances of me getting out there are still slim with flights etc but there is just no information anyway regarding situations like these?