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    AIQS timeline 2021

    What makes you say that? There has been a few months previously that have had higher points threshold, due to the pandemic, but it’s back to around 75 points now. From what we have seen
  2. Sarah_Cor

    AIQS timeline 2021

    That’s ok! I’ll let you know when my partner receives his back to give you an idea of timescales . We’re looking at the 189 and Queensland. He has his PTE English test booked for 29th May, so hoping the results for that and the AIQS come back at a similar time so we can get our EOI off as soon after that as possible. Hoping (potentially optimistically) for early next year to be moving out. How about yourself?
  3. Sarah_Cor

    AIQS timeline 2021

    I was afraid of that haha
  4. Sarah_Cor

    AIQS timeline 2021

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has recent AIQS skills assessment experience and can give me an idea of the timescale? I know it says upto 2 months, my partner submitted his on 23rd March, received acknowledgment and money deducted 25th March so it’s been 1 month. I was really hoping, with everything being English, no translations to be verified etc it wouldn’t take the 2 months. My impatient nature can’t take it!