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  1. Thanks, but that's not an answer for my question.
  2. Applications before June 2018: queue dates are application dates no matter what. Applications from June 2018: queue dates are the dates given after your applications are accessed and only if they are eligible. Question is: did the visa department actually access before-June-2018 applications and only contacted non-eligible applications to let them know they are out of the queue, or no access at all. If no access, it would be too unfair for before-June-2018 applications as they applied earlier but have to wait in the dark, while from-June-2018 applications at least know well if they are all good and it's just a matter of time.
  3. Oh, only 2 days ago? Much appreciate if you are able to share the whole auto-reply email. I am sure many others also wish to know what they said about processing time ect.
  4. parents@homeaffairs.gov.au That's the one and only. I don't think there is another email. Or is there?
  5. Of course. @all: if any of you received auto-reply email or reply from the department recently please share info. Thanks
  6. I have always sent to the same email address. For first years they always sent auto-reply and sometimes personally replied my emails. Bad communications only happened from last year.
  7. I haven't even received that auto-reply email.
  8. I don't know how the system works really. You applied only 8 month after me, but your queue date is 3 years later? Anyway, at least your application was accessed, mine was not. What a mess! I had no way to communicate with the department recently to clarify some points. They haven't even acknowledged after receiving my address and phone contact update.
  9. I got your point. Just because I have heard some very bad experience my friends had with agents, I decided to do by myself. You sound like a good one though.
  10. Thanks LindaH27. Do you think they at least had a quick look to ensure that our applications met all requirement before sending us acknowledgement emails and letting us wait that long? I worry that after nearly a decade waiting, they tell me something wrong with my application. I applied directly, not via any agent btw.
  11. I applied on 11 October 2017, received an acknowledgement of application received on 28 October 2017. Is 28 October 2017 my queue date? But they also said in the email "Your application has not yet been assessed. We will contact you as soon as your application has been reviewed and if further information is required". More than 3.5 years and they haven't still access my application? Am I actually in a queue yet?
  12. What does it mean? I applied 143 in October 2017 and so far no one from Immi Dept contacted me regarding my queue date. I have no idea what my queue date is