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  1. Hi Guys, Once visa is granted is there a way to make sure each dependent applicant may change only own passport details? For the moment I see that the only option is to share entire application with partner&kids? Also how to make sure that immigration agent has no access to your application? Maybe I understand it wrong but anyone who knows main applicant name, passport number and application reference number can import it again? Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  2. Nafanya

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Sounds more like an evil joke from them, I`m waiting for almost 13 months(186DE), and official replies from DOHA sounds like "we don`t care, we process PMSOL only". IDK where these ETAs are going from but it has nothing to do with real situation.
  3. Nafanya

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hold on, you are offshore and waiting for a visa for more than 2 years already?! What your employer says about all this situation and how DOHA explains it?
  4. Nafanya

    MARA agent question

    I think each of us has interpreted it from absolutely different perspectives. 1)Initially client cannot do anything at all without his agent, only agent can share an application with client`s Immi account. 2)Client will not be able to contact DOHA as his agent is the only authorized person to do so. 3)In the same time client can control himself what is going on, status changes if any, etc. without bothering his agent. The only valid point against it is what @Raul Senise just mentioned: But first of all you should be an idiot to do something like this and as also was mentioned above it can be easily covered by one short string in the contract. I`m not an agent, but personally I see more pros than cons in sharing application with the client.
  5. Nafanya

    MARA agent question

    Maybe not exactly what you want, but you can create own immi account and ask your agent to share application. In this case you will be able to see all updates and communications.
  6. So "Keep whining" is not rude then?
  7. Good luck with spreading your slavish mentality across the forum....
  8. You sounds like a DOHA employee Seriously, you are trying to explain the mess which cannot be explained. Maybe you can make an example of the visa with strictly defined ETAs then?
  9. Well, you are definitely mixing up satisfaction and some very basic rules and order. When we are speaking about advanced economies some reasonable rules and responsibilities should be always in place, regardless who is entering and how. Here you have almost no rules, definitely no ETAs, next month they easily can double or triple processing times without any consequences. The only rule is - "One day, maybe in couple month or in couple years DOHA will approve or reject your visa application." You think that such behavior is normal? Then I'm really sorry for you...
  10. What a super business :) They take money and then nobody is responsible for anything, no ETAs, they even use COVID as a reason to make it longer when in fact they are not proceeding temp. visas and load should be much less than always. What a mess!
  11. Thank you @Raul Senise, it is more clear now, my initial assumption was that 956 may allow several authorized representatives :) "Check status of your visa or citizenship application - if your application is within the standard processing time, we can’t give you further information even if you call" Again, I have no experience with DOHA at all, but "technically" by using this statement people who have already passed the 90% threshold should be eligible to request processing updates. In our case at the end of April for a couple of days we were above the 90% threshold, but they have used an opportunity that sponsor is not mentioned as an authorized person and refused to provide any information. And then DOHA shifted the 90% threshold from 6m to 11m...
  12. My employer representative person(HR manager) mentioned in both, nomination and visa applications (186DE), was trying to make some queries and based on the feedback also some complaints to DOHA, but in both cases she was refused because applications were submitted by the migration agent. DOHA agent say that only migration agent is eligible to have a contact. In the same time global contact center says that queries from the sponsor should be accepted but at the same time saying that they have no direct contact with the global feedback unit; therefore, cannot do anything about it. Kind of a loop you cannot break :( The agent got his money for lodging our applications and considering his job is done. "You just need to wait" But the problem here is that the day when DOHA published new processing estimated time our application was above 90% threshold with no updates from DOHA. First of all the question is if this is a normal DOHA`s behavior? If not, what can we do about? Should we complete form 956 for the sponsor(employer) as well? Will DOHA accept two authorized contact persons(agent hired by the employer + sponsor itself)? And just thinking out loud: Due to Covid restrictions DOHA is not proceeding with a lot of visa applications - student visas, temporary work visas, visitors, etc. as such applicants will not be able to cross the border. The load should be much less than let`s say in 2019. Why is everything so messy there?! Thank you.
  13. Nafanya

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hello @Gialse, My congratulations! Could you please to clarify one confusing point in your timeline. it says 186 TRT but in the same time Country - UK Was you on shore or off shore? I doubt you can do TRT stream from the UK? Thank you.
  14. Nafanya

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    @Hex, Thank you! It is clear that they will submit a request message when/if something additional will be required. I was more curious just if the update date change really means something or if immigration officer will put in internal memo something like "postpone for another 6 months" this date also will be changed
  15. Nafanya

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Guys, When you check your Nomination or Visa application on immi it has a field called "Last updated" does it mean at least something? Like somebody is working on your application if dates are getting changed? Thank you!