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  1. I'm currently in the UK and about to buy a mattress, but will be returning to Australia in a couple of years. Has anyone had trouble in shipping a sprung mattress stuffed with natural materials like wool and horse hair?
  2. MisterTea

    Transfers to UK-based foreign currency account

    OFX are multi-national (they used to be operated as OzForex and UKForex, but have now merged). I used them a few years back, but as I said, they're not as competitive these days.
  3. MisterTea

    Transfers to UK-based foreign currency account

    According to HSBC's customer support, their UK-based Australian Dollar accounts can't be accessed via a BSB code.
  4. MisterTea

    Transfers to UK-based foreign currency account

    HSBC is the bank I'm using, and that part is fine. I was trying to find an exchange service with good rates, that would transfer Australian Dollars to an Australian Dollar account in the UK. If anyone else is in this position, I've done some more digging and TorFX say they can do this. Haven't used them yet, but they seem to have a solid reputation and their exchange rates are maybe a little better than Wise.
  5. I'm going to be moving back to Australia in the next 2-3 years, so if the Pound significantly strengthens against the Australian Dollar at any point between now and then, I want to be in a position to convert my savings as quickly as possible. An Australian Dollar account based in Australia doesn't seem to be an option as it will get closed if I don't move there within a few months, so I've opened an Australian Dollar account with HSBC in the UK instead. I've previously used OzForex (now OFX) for money transfers, but their rates don't seem very competitive now. Same with MoneyCorp, so I've looked into Wise instead. Their rates are good, but they won't let you transfer Australian Dollars to a UK-based Australian Dollar account (their form requires a BSB, not a sort code, and their support person told me its not possible). So is there any service with rates similar to Wise that will allow Pounds to be converted and sent to a UK-based Australian Dollar account?