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    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    @paulhand @Marisawright thank you both. I can see that there are a lot of variables and we need to determine where we stand before going any further. I think the difficulty for us is that the company has not yet confirmed whether they are looking to put my husband through on a short or medium term TSS and we don't even know the job title they are using as he works in heat treatment but is going over as a supervisor/manager so it's not exactly clear which occupation that falls under. I've had a quick look at the 186 list and couldn't honestly say which role he would be classed as so I don't know what type of skills assessment would come into play. Obviously he's highly skilled in his field but has no official qualifications so it's all a bit vague (from our perspective at least). I think once we hear back from the employer about how they see the process playing out and their thoughts on the possibility of a 186 visa in the first instance then we will have a clearer picture of what we can achieve. Paul, I'll drop you an email to discuss fees etc. as I feel whatever they come back with we will need some general advice even though we won't have control over the visa application process as they apparently do it all.
  2. GlindaWanderer

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    @Marisawright I can imagine you're right - I think relocating to somewhere like Australia is a dream for a lot of people so most are willing to absorb costs to get themselves there! We don't have a lot of cash in the UK so to use up what we do have is a big risk for us hence why I'm trying to get as much info as possible to make an informed decision. Part of me wants to just take what they offer to get out there and hope it all works out but it's hard to do that when you have a little one and his life and education have to come first. I know you've recommended Paul for the migration advice but just wondering is it best to have a UK based expert rather than one in Australia? There are lots out there and I want to make sure we are going down the right route! All of this is obviously a massive 'if' anyway as I'm still concerned about my husband's DD convictions and my medical issues as they could prevent us even getting the Visa so it's a lot to take in and process but I am a detail-oriented person so feel calmer once I have a lot of information to draw from. Anyway, thanks again for all your help and advice, it really does help and is much appreciated.
  3. GlindaWanderer

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    Thanks so much @Marisawright I'll message Paul and a few others to see what the costs for advice are as we're on a tight budget as it is and the relocation package is not quite as generous as we'd originally been told (last year pre covid). I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions as it helps to get advice from people who've actually been through and/or understand as trying to make sense of what you find online is tricky and the employer doesn't seem to have done much research and are assuming it's all the same as it was for the 457 visa as they've relocated people before but prior to the changes in 2018 I think. Saying that my husband has emailed them with his concerns and suggested the 186 so we'll see what they come back with - at least if it's an outright no we know we have to make the decision on what's on offer.
  4. GlindaWanderer

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for your replies - a whole lot to process and digest. Can anybody recommend migration specialists in the UK that I could reach out to for some help? Also, following these comments we have done some more research and have looked at the possibility of a 186 permanent residency visa (direct application) which could still be employer sponsored but would take the uncertainty away before we uproot everything and move from the UK. Does anybody have any further information on this and is that even an option? I should also say that my husband is 43 (turns 44 in November 2021) and from everything we've read it looks like even on a medium term TSS you can only apply for residency after 3 years and must be under 45 when you do, which means that is out the window as well! Thanks again
  5. GlindaWanderer

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    Thanks! I have been prescribed medication but I haven't taken anything for almost two years as I don't like being on tablets and try to manage without. I totally understand your point about the weight - to clarify I was even bigger and have already lost 3 stone but have a lot more to lose and with the way the last year has gone I've definitely stalled in my efforts. The reality of this huge opportunity has definitely made me realise I need to get it back under control and push on, for lots of reasons, but ultimately a move to Australia is a chance for a new life for all of us and we believe it would be hugely beneficial for our son hence why I'd feel awful if I was the reason it all went wrong!
  6. Hi all, newbie here My husband has been offered a job in Brisbane and we have been told he will be put forward for a 482 Temporary Skills Shortage Visa however I can't find much info online from people who've gone over on this Visa and I have a million questions! The main issues that are giving me the greatest cause for concern are the criminal history and medical checks. My husband was convicted of drink driving (twice) about 20 years ago, both resulted in bans/fines. Since then he went through the process of reobtaining his licence and has never had any other issues and doesn't even drink now and hasn't done for about 12 years. I have been told by a friend who emigrated to Australia years ago (who happens to be a police officer) that it is unlikely to prevent the Visa from going through but I wondered if anybody else has any experience of this and how it impacted the process? I've seen various posts about it causing a delay as they 'look at you harder' but I've no idea what that means. With regard to the medicals, I'm not aware of any issues for my husband although he does smoke and hasn't been to the doctors for many years so I suppose that's a good thing really! However, I suffer with severe anxiety and have been seeing a doctor for help with this for quite a long time (about 9 years on and off). I am wondering if this will be considered something that could result in the Visa not being granted as I gather that the main point of the checks are to ensure you won't be a drain on the economy over there and that you aren't a risk to anybody. Again, if anybody has any experience of this I'd really appreciate some advice. As an aside I'm also VERY overweight so am really panicking about that and have resolved to try to lose some weight before the medical but I'm not certain how far along the Visa process the medicals happen - can anybody clarify? The employer who is sponsoring my husband has said there will be a caseworker assigned to him to work through the Visa process so I know that all of these questions (and lots more) will be directed to them once that happens but I've got myself into a bit of a state panicking about it all and worrying that I'll be the reason he doesn't get to go to a job he really wants. We also have a 9 year old son and we would all dearly love to make the most of this opportunity but I feel like I don't want to get too excited about it if there is a good chance the Visa will be denied. Thanks so much if you've bothered to read this and got all the way through - I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place so apologies in advance if not Kerrie