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    309/100 spouse visa

    Hi all, stumbled across this forum some months ago when researching the possibilities of an Aus visa for my partner. I am dual Australian/British citizen in my mid 50's, partner is a British citizen in his mid 30's and we have been in our relationship and lived together for 10 years in the UK. We want to go to Aus within the next few years and make the next chapter of our life there together. I've researched the 309/100 visa application and know there is a multitude of information required to submit it but I have a few concerns as to how successful it will be. Neither of us have family in the UK and we only have a very small circle of friends - we are a quiet couple who enjoy our own company and not crowds. We have never shared bank accounts, the property we live in is one that I owned before we were together so the title and many of the bills are in my name and in this age of electronic communication we don't have many letters/postcards etc. dating back to the start of our relationship that might be helpful in proving it is legitimate. We also don't have many photos - I don't like photos together because I am conscious that he looks so much younger than me and we are also of different cultures (he is of Asian decent). We also don't have children. My concern is how we find enough of the information required in order to prove our relationship is genuine and will our it be potentially viewed as suspicious because we are so different in age and culture? We have also been engaged since April 2018 - a proposal and a ring but no official party or announcement. We were planning to get married in early 2020 but then the world got locked down and in fact marriage is not a huge concern for us. But, would it be better for us to be married before applying? A host of concerns - perhaps someone can help with some encouraging information as we are a genuine couple but more unusual than others..