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  1. Hello, I am progressing with my skills assessment application and I am trying to fill in the employment evidence as a self employed contractor. I am unsure how I can attain letters from contracts over 10 years ago. I have the actual signed contracts of engagement from these jobs, but there is no headed employee letter that they are asking for. Has anyone been through this?
  2. Geoffrey

    Some Clarity On Best Methods - Visa/Agent

    Hello, I filled in the contact form but have heard nothing back. Did you receive a request? Geoff
  3. Geoffrey

    Some Clarity On Best Methods - Visa/Agent

    Hey thanks for the reply. I will try those. The other agent really seemed uninterested in responding to me, and I had continual issues trying to book appointments via their website so I figured I’d try get recommendations on a better one. I understand that at the moment a visa is almost impossible however I’m conscious that it takes time regardless, so wanted to get the ball rolling if possible. Geoff
  4. Hi All, After a 3 month traveling trip in Oz in 2015, I am finally preparing to start the process of application for 189 visa for Australia. I believe this is the best visa option for me (please suggest otherwise if not) Location - I have narrowed areas to either Brisbane or Melbourne, but I am still flexible. About me - I am a Bachelors Degree Engineer in mechanical engineering with over 10 years experience, mainly in automotive and manufacturing quality. I have been working for my own company as a freelance consultant since 2015 I also used to be a mechanic but I do not have the official qualification as I opted for university instead. I am 35yo, single and solo applicant which should make things simpler. I have done quite a lot of research, however I am aware that the process and criteria is under constant change, and now covid has made it even worse I have tried a couple of agents but they have not been very helpful, and I have had big problems trying to book an appointment. I have also previously completed an EOI but I had nothing back and it consequently expired. Is anyone able to advise me next steps, or a well recommended agent? Kind Regards, Geoff