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    Some Clarity On Best Methods - Visa/Agent

    Hello, I filled in the contact form but have heard nothing back. Did you receive a request? Geoff
  2. Geoffrey

    Some Clarity On Best Methods - Visa/Agent

    Hey thanks for the reply. I will try those. The other agent really seemed uninterested in responding to me, and I had continual issues trying to book appointments via their website so I figured I’d try get recommendations on a better one. I understand that at the moment a visa is almost impossible however I’m conscious that it takes time regardless, so wanted to get the ball rolling if possible. Geoff
  3. Hi All, After a 3 month traveling trip in Oz in 2015, I am finally preparing to start the process of application for 189 visa for Australia. I believe this is the best visa option for me (please suggest otherwise if not) Location - I have narrowed areas to either Brisbane or Melbourne, but I am still flexible. About me - I am a Bachelors Degree Engineer in mechanical engineering with over 10 years experience, mainly in automotive and manufacturing quality. I have been working for my own company as a freelance consultant since 2015 I also used to be a mechanic but I do not have the official qualification as I opted for university instead. I am 35yo, single and solo applicant which should make things simpler. I have done quite a lot of research, however I am aware that the process and criteria is under constant change, and now covid has made it even worse I have tried a couple of agents but they have not been very helpful, and I have had big problems trying to book an appointment. I have also previously completed an EOI but I had nothing back and it consequently expired. Is anyone able to advise me next steps, or a well recommended agent? Kind Regards, Geoff