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    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    I do think we were just quick reacting to the offer email coming in, unless they're changed the system a lot since we first registered last October. That said, we certainly were in a hole as we had everything shipped two weeks before our original flight and our temporary accommodation was due to come to an end. As it happens, I had arranged to have a few days extension of the tenancy just in case we hit a problem on the 7th April, and the DFAT flight dovetailed in perfectly. If I hadn't done this as a precaution, we would have been in serious trouble with where to stay from 12th April given the lockdown still in place and holiday cottages/airbnb's booked solid for spring school holidays. None of our UK friends or my family were in a position to help, not least because they all had vulnerable adults they naturally wanted to protect. We are at the age where sofa surfing isn't so easy :-). We also already have a house to rent in Australia so we need to get there without too much of a delay so as not to jeopardise that - not good with the rental market in Oz being so tight. We're very lucky to have somewhere already lined up and not having to house hunt when we get there. At the moment I am seriously stressed out for our PCR Test being negative on Saturday. No reason why it shouldn't be as we've had a round of vaccination at the beginning of March and have kept well isolated, but after a while you just get completely paranoid that something will go wrong! All the best for your own trip.
  2. Canbush

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Very much the same with us. Having been bounced once, and with the impending prospect of being homeless by the end of April, we updated our DFAT and were lucky to get a repatriation flight offer two days later (probably coincidence). We’d previously not tried for the flights as we had commercial flights booked since October and felt there were people with more need of them than us, but that changed when we got bounced with all our belongings enroute to Fremantle. Assuming a negative Covid test on Saturday we fly for Darwin next Monday. Like so many others, going through the stress and expense of the last few months has been crippling, but we finally have a sense we are almost home!
  3. Canbush

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Very interesting- thanks for posting. I can see why they cancelled our 7th April Wednesday flight, but i am annoyed that they didn’t offer to transfer us to the Saturday flight they introduced instead. Hard not to think that it was because we had cheap advance purchase economy tickets !
  4. Canbush

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    The £1500 was for the two of us. Brought our tickets up to full economy of about £1350 each. if you have that image I’d be interested in seeing it. We aren’t facebook or Twitter users.
  5. Canbush

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Just to update on LHR to Perth via Singapore Airlines. Having just been bounced from our original Wednesday departure we’ve worked out the same plane flights are just the Friday departures. Places going fast, and from May onwards for premium fares
  6. Canbush

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Frustratingly, we just got bounced on a SingAir flight from London to Perth. Even though we were told 6 weeks ago our flight on April 7th would be one of the same plane services to transit singapore, apparently now its not. Managed to rebook for 7th May, but cost an extra £1500. Now we have the nightmare of finding somewhere to live for a month as everything ships on the 29th March and our tenancy finishes on the 6th April. nothing we can do about it but hope the 7th May doesn’t get blown away as well.