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  1. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    Thank you so much…you have really put my mind at ease. Thank you again for all your help Amanda x
  2. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    If I can’t get hold of anyone from there I’ll ring the Australian government and see what they say Thank you Paul
  3. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    His lawyer is not involved in my case, he was just asking her advice…she dealt with an issue he had…. im going to see if I can get hold of anyone who worked at migrate me and ask them about signing the 956 form
  4. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    Thank you Paul sorry to hassle you but I’ve just spoke to my son and his lawyer said that the agent that was acting for me has to sign the 956 form for a withdrawal of them as my agent…but I can’t get hold of them, it’s like they have gone underground so I can’t get them to sign the form
  5. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    Morning Paul thank you for your advice it is very much appreciated. My son said he can take over and is going to contact the Australian government today. Will they give him 956 the form ? thank you again
  6. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    Sorry it’s the agent called Paul….
  7. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    Hi paul Thank you for answering, very kind of you and you have put my mind at rest. Ive just messaged my son in Sydney, he said he will contact them today. my visa is the subclass 173..it was lodged in May 2018 so it’s 3 years now…is it really another 4 or 5 years waiting. also I’ve just changed my address will my son be able to tell them Thanks again Paul for your help Amanda x
  8. Amanda.law

    Agent Fees

    Hi just looking for some advice if that’s ok. I signed up with a company called Migrate Me. They lodged my parent visa just over three years ago, my son is a resident in Australia. However, I can no longer get hold of them, no reply to emails and their phone numbers are no longer working. just wanted to ask has anyone used them or heard of them. I did some research about them today and have been told they are no longer trading…I’m so upset and don’t know what to do or if there is anything I can do. Amanda