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  1. It’s a nice trait that you think this way. the school my daughter goes to has about 30 children (it’s a catholic school in the UK) only about 5 parents wait for their kids outside I wait at the bottom (younger kids ) end and she is at the top (older kids) end, although normally I now notice she waits in her car. There are very few children there with parents who have not moved over from Europe, dark hair, dark skin, European accents. I’m certainly the only one on the pick up line as Scottish/Celtic as me, red hair and the palest of pale skin. The twin thing is a possibility I suppose.
  2. Coxy7


    Potato chips and hot chips is how you distinguish them (my husband likes to clarify, he is from NZ) And I know it’s a kiwi word but who on earth came up with Jandals?!
  3. Coxy7


    OMG I’ll have to tell my kids pencil is greylead? Really is that true? Thank God adults mainly use pens.
  4. In a SHOCKING exchange of rudeness a few days ago, when I could drive a car, I was getting my children into the car for school when a woman came and said “can you take ******** to school?” I was taken aback. Mainly because someone could ask and trust a stranger to take their child to school. So shocked and feeling sorry for the boy I said yes. I have seen him and the mother before from a distance but that’s it. Today the same woman walks past me, looks at my face, looks at my boot (she looked at the same boot yesterday and saw me struggling to walk with my girls in the rain) and completely blanks me, doesn’t even say hello. She then gets into HER CAR and drives off while watching me limp home, again in the rain. There are a lot of rude people everywhere all the time but that takes the biscuit. I know I probably shouldn’t have given him a lift but I was stunned and am in general not a bad person. I would certainly never ask that of anyone who wasn’t a pretty good friend. I feel like never doing anyone a favour again! But then I remember I was rescued by 2 perfect strangers, so you gotta take the good with the bad I suppose.
  5. Everybody knows zombies aren’t real but poltergeists (well maybe) its not repetitive it’s spontaneous and erratic but last night I just thought “I’m too tired to care about you ghost so geez peace” and I fell asleep and woke up, still alive, not possessed or zombified...phew.
  6. Better any time!!! Sometimes things are better done later when you have the right mindset. I got much better grades the second time I went to uni than when I went just after school, when I was younger I just wanted to PARTY not study!
  7. Coxy7


    I know, I am excited I have submitted my new certified docs so hopefully that’s it and soon I’ll be registered!
  8. Coxy7


    Well on the website it says if you can’t get statements of service you can provide pay slips, tax information etc (everything has to be certified, absolutely everything, transcripts, references, I can’t think of a document that hasn’t been certified, money and time at the solicitor has been intense) . However the payslips and tax information weren’t enough after all so I had to get a statement of service which was very difficult because 2 companies over the last 5 years do not give out references (a weird policy that seems to be adopted more and more in the UK, my husband cannot get a written reference from his workplace either). So I had to fight and go to my boss then HR then HR management and wait a long time for them to agree to give me a very limited statement of service, which I then got certified and can only hope is enough. (And I’m sure HR are still suspicious about it, they really weren’t keen) You see in Australia there are Justices of the Peace ready and available to certify your documents usually weekly at any shopping centre. Here finding a JP is virtually impossible and AHPRA aren’t like the passport people where it can be a teacher or a Nurse it has to be a JP or a Notary Public (there are others on the list but the Notary Public was feasible to me). Me and the (expensive) solicitor are like besties now.
  9. Coxy7


    I used to work in the acute adult ward and I always said Adult (emphasis on the A) over time in Oz I noticed I'm emphasising the U. Don't think either is wrong but as a Scots if you don't adapt it's much harder to be understood. By no means did I adopt an accent just changed some words.
  10. Coxy7


    The H thing. I don't get that. I'm Scottish, never been corrected on H until I moved to Oz then people are telling me I'm saying it incorrectly and I don't correct people at all. For all the things Australians say incorrectly I got offended. I adapted the way I speak to be understood and I do not know how I'm supposed to say the letter H.
  11. Coxy7

    What's your favourite mod con?

    Totally, I like that too.
  12. Yes some nights have heating on would rather sleep in the cold will sort that out tonight. Also house is up town. I like uptown noises cars, dogs etc but mysterious banging giving me the heebs
  13. I don't know. Living in house that is strange to me. When I go to bed sounds like door banging inside the house and last night heard loud shouting and banging which must be outside but sounds inside. Is bigger older house than I'm used to.
  14. Might do that tonight. Lying awake all night like a startled rabbit. I'm worried will turn off radio /TV and will be more freaked out. Even worrying is reading my texts about . Literally driving myself crazy and don't even believe in !!!!
  15. Coxy7


    Did you phone the case manager? I downloaded a copy of the one the nmc sent (it's on your nmc login page somewhere) and sent it to the case manager as evidence it had been sent and then she found it.