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    Has anyone recently taken the IELTS exam. Any tips on the writing section please what topics were asked on task 2? Do they change the questions regularly? Laura
  2. Lou Gates

    Nursing in Australia

    Sorry thought I was clear i am British and live in the uk worked in Australia for only one year on a holiday visa 10 years ago i am worried when we start the immigration process that because I haven’t practised in Australia for so long I will have to reapply. I more worried that I registered with aphra with a diploma in nursing and now the regulations have changed and you have to have a degree. I was also asking about the difference in assessments as still have to have my skills assessed for the visa. So i wanted to know what the difference was and which one would be applicable Thank you for your responses So far x
  3. Lou Gates

    Nursing in Australia

    I am a qualified nurse nurse working in the uk. I worked in Australia Perth as a registered nurse in 2010 on a holiday visa. I have continued to pay for my Australian registration every year just in case one day we decided to immigrate. 10 years later we have decided that we want a future in Australia. I just want to see if anyone know for sure if my hours I practise in the uk keep my registration valid in Australia I have contacted aphra but they take a long time to get in touch. I’ve tried searching the internet can’t seem to get a definite answer. also what is the difference between skills assessment and modified skills assessment look forward to your responses Thanking you in advance