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  1. Oh no, that’s so disappointing... I think our flights are an earlier date to yours? Just can’t believe what’s happening we daren’t open our emails now... Meanwhile our furniture is travelling like the speed of light to Australia, storage fees await at the other end for sure, seems to be have been the only cargo ship to get through the Suez Canal this week. Good job we don’t need health checks again, blood pressure will be through the roof .
  2. Hi BargeUK, thanks for the update, much appreciated… we still have everything crossed but have extended our rental accommodation, just in case. We are due to fly on the 17th April but just don't know whether to postpone, change airport or wait to see what happens, the longer we put off the more expensive & limited the flights become… all feels very uncertain, whichever choice we make. How about you?
  3. When I spoke with an agent for travel insurance, they confirmed emigration was a valid reason to travel so we should all be okay ... We also have a bit of a dilemma regarding vaccines, we have just been invited to book our first jab but won’t be here (hopefully) for the second, anyone else in the same position and if so what do we do?
  4. BargeUK and Lady Jane, thanks for your responses… and wow so strange we're in the same position, we're currently in a holiday let and our furniture has just been shipped. We'll probably wait another couple of weeks to see what happens with Melbourne with fingers-crossed for a reopening of flights.
  5. Hello everyone, newbie poster here… Just wondering if there are any other CPV143 holders due to fly into Melbourne in the next couple of months that have any updated information on flight cancellations/changes? We are due to fly into Melbourne, mid-April and just don't know whether to wait to see if the airport reopens by then or to change our flights to another airport. Any advice or shared knowledge welcome, as it is so difficult to find out anything.