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  1. Looks like queueing is moving now
  2. It's a long journey ahead, found this as well from another FOI release on the Dept website in 2021, keeps on growing ...
  3. I saw this online buried in a dept report on the Home Affairs website and the parent visa numbers are listed below.
  4. Have a look at this report on the dept website and see Table 10 on page 29 with Parent numbers visa grants up to 31 Jan 2021. The link is Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs paper (homeaffairs.gov.au) ... interesting report.
  5. I get the feeling too, mine will be 10 years I reckon based on whats happened, numbers cut and lots of applications ahead of me according to monthly numbers released to Alan Collett.
  6. No I mean IMMI are working on Aged Parent applications subclass 804 now and the 143s are stuck in May 2016 so you won't know until they start again requesting docs for June 2016 because they release by queued dates. Noting they need to finish off those 143 cases onshore who are paid and waiting for visa grants so we will see some movement end of this month, April, and then July from what I have heard and seen on the forum.
  7. They probably have a stack offshore applications too which have not finished yet based on what others saying here. I think the COVID-19 situation has changed how they run. From IMMI website and mailbox reply, have a look at : COVID-19 visa concessions | COVID-19 and the border (homeaffairs.gov.au) ... The COVID-19 concession period started on 1 February 2020 and is a temporary arrangement. Check back here for updates about when the concession period will end. Applicants who come to Australia after the end of the COVID-19 concession period will not be able to be granted their visa while they are in Australia. Visas included in this concession are: Child (subclass 101) visa Adoption (subclass 102) visa Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa Partner (subclass 309) visa. Concessions for Parent visas It is intended that a separate concession would also be extended to eligible Parent visa applicants during the COVID-19 period. This temporary concession is intended to commence on 24 March 2021. ... I guess the concession period will end when the Global Travel Ban is lifted which based on all the travel talk in the media but who knows as the Govt talked about international travel again in 2022 ... logically it then seems onshore applicants get priority over offshore applicants which do not help my application lodged 13 November 2017. Years away with this COVID-19 thing and change in focus. Queue release dates As at February 2021, we have released for final processing: Contributory Parent visa applications with a queue date up to May 2016 Parent visa applications with a queue date up to September 2010 Aged Parent visa applications with a queue date up to December 2012 We only update this information when the latest final processing dates are available. * updated 10 Feb 2021 Please note that the Department is required to process Parent and Contributory Parent applications in date order and within annual limits. We have identified some discrepancies in processing times between offshore and onshore visas in both Parent and Contributory Parent categories and are taking action to correct them. * Onshore Contributory Parent (UU884 and DG864) visa subclasses have been assessed up to February 2017. Onshore Contributory Parent visas lodged from February 2017 onwards are likely to take longer to process while we action offshore Contributory Parent (CA143 and TU173) applications to bring the dates back to parity. ** Onshore Aged Parent (BP804) visas have been assessed up to Queued Date of December 2012. Onshore Aged Parent applications with a Queued Date of December 2012 onwards are likely to take longer to process while we action offshore Parent (AX103) applications to bring the dates back to parity.
  8. Hi 143mag, there was an earlier post that IMMI had reached the quota for 143 visas with the onshore concessions to be handled on 24 March. I heard from others you will go into the 1 July program year so possibly not much you can do now. They are trying to fit 6 parent visa categories into the 4,500 visas before 30 June which is a big reduction in the scheme of what has been done in the past. I think their current focus is onshore work and the concessions have stopped the movement for offshore applications for a long time. They did update the website with what cases released from the queue too last month as well as showing more progress onshore.