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    Query on 189/190

    Posting this on behalf of my friend who's very keen to migrate to Australia: I have lodged my application on 70 points of 189, 75 points of 190 and 85 points of 491. ANZSCO code is 261311. The application was initially submitted on 5th Dec 2019 and later updated with spouse IELTS score on 9th Apr 2021. I am turning 40 on 10th of October this year and My ACS is going to expire at the end of October this year and EOI on 5th Dec 2021. Priority Migration Skilled Occupation list (PMSOL) was recently updated with my ANZSCO code. Ref: Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List Do I still hold any chances of getting an invite? Is there any alternate route to achieve the invite. Please advise.
  2. Dear All, Appreciate your inputs on my case that basically has 2 parts: Part 1: My PR 175 grant - May 2012 Expired - May 2017 Been in Australia for - 1 month 7 days total. Last visited Australia in - Feb 2017 (just before expiry). Why I didn't migrate yet? I went to Oz in June 2012 (immediately after getting PR) stayed there for a month and searched for jobs. Didn't get any good response. In the mean time, got a very good offer from Oman, which had opportunity to learn new skills required in Oz. So moved there. Got married the next year, 2013. Blessed with 3 kids. Last one born in 2020. 2 of the kids go to school. All these commitments held me back from relocating. Most essentially because my family does not have PR. And getting their PR is a different ball game altogether, which I have covered in Part 2 below. So anyhow, I'm planning to apply for my RRV by Nov this year. I don't satisfy 2 years requirement, but I have bought land there (paying installments since 2017. Finishing this year) and bank accounts transacting every month for the same property’s payments. Part 2: Once I get RRV (hopefully), I want to take my family along, because otherwise kids schooling would be affected and there are a few other personal reasons. So want to know what options I have so that my family can relocate with me? Can I apply for Partner Visa now (before my RRV application and being abroad)? That way if their visa is received until my RRV is granted, we can travel together. Or is it a must for me to be in Australia to sponsor my family? That is a cumbersome process of waiting for around 18 to 24 months, being away from family. What do you suggest please? Thanks and Cheers!