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  1. We will have $430,000 deposit available may be more but have worked on the lower end of the selling price for our property in the UK. Mortgage is based on a 2.7% interest rate with max lending of 1 million.
  2. Thanks for the information , we have budgeted 35k for vehicles already.
  3. Sorry I’ve just seen seen this was breaking it down at $300p/m for a family of 3! I will amend post now , Thanks!
  4. Hi , I'm wondering if anyone could help with the below ? my wife and I are nearing the final stages of the visa process and looking to move to the Sunshine Coast from the UK. we started the visa process nearly 2 years ago and quite a lot has changed in this time , we’re now having to lend more money for our mortgage due to the property boom over this time. I’ve calculated the outgoings below and just need to make sure we will be comfortable as this is a life changing decision for us as I’m sure you can appreciate. we will be coming out on a 190 visa. my wife is a nurse and will be working in Aged Care, I understand that she can salary sacrifice a proportion of her wages and also we would be entitled to child care subsidy. I’m not entirely sure how this works so if anyone could help or add to things so we can get a realistic figure that would be extremely helpful my estimated figures are below. WIFES SALARY ; $75,000 MY SALARY ; $40,000 TOTAL INCOME $115,000 - $8000 remaining after tax Monthly Outgoings ; Mortgage $3000 Child Care $1600 Council Tax $200 Electric $160 Home Insurance $140 Internet $80 Groceries $300 Phones Combined ; 80 Fuel $200 Car Insurance $140 TOTAL $5900 / Remaining $2100
  5. Dean7133

    Sponsorship Nurse / Aged Care

    Hi All , Just after some advice please…… My wife and I, have been going through the visa process now for over 12 months and in a position to lodge our EOI (Offshore). Having lived out there previously we are only wanting to live in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Having spoken with our migration agent today, the quickest and most realistic route seems to be sponsorship. My wife is a registered nurse in the UK and has worked in a aged care setting for the last 6 years with 13 years experience overall. I am wondering if any nurses working in a similar setting have been sponsored recently or in the past could offer some advice on this please? TIA
  6. Hi again guys , just following on from my last post , I know Queensland is not currently open to offshore applications this being the case is sponsorship a no go also ? as previously mentioned we’re now in a position to submit our EOI but wanting BRISBANE Queensland ! Just trying to explore all possible Avenues to get out!! my wife is a registered band 5 nurse in the UK and has been working in ages care for the last 10 years
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    Yes having lived out here previously and traveled extensively my heart is definitely set on Brisbane! We’re also in the same boat and house prices have increased massively since we first started looking over 2 years ago! We will have to keep everything crossed and do another affordability check as things progress! good luck with it all , I’m sure we’ll get there
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    Thanks we’re looking at applying for a 190 in a different state then moving to Queensland
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    Hi , we’re considering lodging a 190 for NSW later today as you’re not obliged to stay in NSW should it be successful. We’re thinking at least this way we’ve got the ball rolling as waiting for news from the Queensland gov is painstakingly slow! Every time they make a announcement it seems to be delayed again! Your making a great decision with Queensland!we lived and worked out in oz for 3 years previously and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else , we have a 2 year old daughter and know what a fantastic life she would have out here! keep us updated as to how your getting on and wishing you all the best of luck!
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    Happy New Year All! My wife and I have been going through the visa process for 14 months now and only just about to lodge our EOI. we were looking at Brisbane but have lost a little hope as there seems no movement at all , every now and then we’d get a glimmer of hope and then be left disappointed. My wife is a registered nurse in the UK working in aged care , we’ve decided that our best chance is to go for the 190 for nsw we currently have 65 points. im wondering if anyone else is in a Similar situation and had any success and how long it took after lodging the EOI ? TIA
  11. Hi All , my wife , 2 year old daughter and I will be over within the next 12 months. we have done a lot of research on different suburbs and lived in Brisbane previously. we’ve deceived we would like to settle in either Scarborough or Cleveland and wondering if anyone could offer pros on cons of the both suburbs. Schooling will be important factor for us. any help is very much appreciated. Thanks
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    Thanks for info , yes I realise that 40k is a low figure I was just working from worst case Sanrio
  13. Dean7133


    No worries i was wondering where I went so wrong then ! Thanks for your reply
  14. Dean7133


    Thanks for your reply. yes I’ve included Super using this calculator ; https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj73IujxIfvAhUNWsAKHSBJDNIQFjAAegQIAhAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.money.com.au%2F&usg=AOvVaw3i-ZXeSqaiBHQsh3tpONwP
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    Thanks for your reply Nicky. sorry if I’m missing somthing but using the above calculator the figures above are close to what I’ve mentioned above. calculator shows wife’s salary $4705.25 net My salary $3009.42 net please could you kindly let me know where I’m going wrong here. Thanks again for your reply