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  1. CornishDoc

    Moving with older children

    We moved at this age and stage, coming up to two years now. It was very, very, very hard on both kids and adults and although many things did not turn out how I anticipated it was definitely a great decision for us. GCSEs are irrelevant here so you could treat them as a practice without the stress or move midway and it doesn’t matter. Nursing is very well regarded here and many nurses work well into their 60s. I personally do not think you’d even be considered old. (I am also 47 and work in a hospital and although I realise I’m not one of the young ones I don’t feel old ever and many of my work buddies are much older and much younger.) I miss my friends but especially initially it was helpful to have time and headspace to focus on family and settling. And I am making new friends which is nice! My only regret is that initially we took an equivocal approach, coming to try it out with a view to returning, which complicates everyone’s feelings. I wish I’d been braver and just decided to move, end of, and gotten on with it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. CornishDoc

    Moving back to UK for A levels

    Hi Aimee My understanding (but not expert) is that residency and GCSE results are separate things and that you don’t need GCSE results to prove residency (although these would logically seem to fit together). I agree with speaking to your future school as you won’t be the first family in this situation. Our school advised re GCSE that only Maths and English was essential and to try and sit those the summer before starting A levels for convenience if he definitely goes back to the UK. They also stressed the other relevance of GCSEs is getting interviews for places like Oxbridge, but these can also be based on actual (rather than predicted) A levels, which would require the applicant takes a gap year. I would love to know the outcome when your sorted if you have time. Good luck with your move.
  3. CornishDoc

    Hobart suburbs

    I’m not sure of the etiquette re mentioning other social media, but there is a very active FB group about moving to Tasmania that you might find useful if the traffic on here is light on this subject. If you google moving to tassie you should find it.
  4. CornishDoc

    Hobart suburbs

    I’ve been through a few times but not during rush hour so not sure. I would say that none of the driving around Hobart is particularly arduous, but everyone has their own threshold for what they are willing to do. Both are nice small places. Google maps is surprisingly accurate with timings and I use it frequently to work out how long I need. (But the traffic jam red line is rarely actually a reality.)
  5. CornishDoc

    Hobart suburbs

    Yes Seven Mile is convenient for the airport, Lauderdale a bit further away. The airport is not so busy but you’ll be able to assess for yourselves when you arrive. There are good options to rent closer to town at least initially and then have a look around.
  6. CornishDoc

    Cost of building in or around Hobart

    In. But I’m not sure it will differ much across the state.
  7. CornishDoc

    Cost of building in or around Hobart

    At fee proposal stage for a new build in July 2021 I was told by an architect to allow 3-3.5k per square metre for mid/higher-end. I’m not pursuing this route so I can’t comment on the accuracy.
  8. CornishDoc

    Hobart suburbs

    I have also moved UK to Hobart this year and lived in Tasmania in the 80s and 90s. I grew up around Sandy Bay and now live in Bellerive. Most of Hobart is lovely! Howrah, Bellerive, Tranmere and Lindisfarne meet most your requirements but Bellerive and Howrah have better access to beach swimming. All good for foreshore walking though as mentioned above. If you’re driving to different Hobart destinations for work the Eastern Shore is actually quite central and easy to get to eg Kingston, South Arm, Cambridge and Claremont. The bridge is a breeze - less than 10 minutes to North Hobart or the CBD at 8am. Like any car journey a big accident can take out lanes and cause trouble but these are rare. Public transport is doable but requires planning as services not frequent enough. I commute to the CBD by ferry or bus as this seems normal to me after the UK. Hopefully this will improve as people use their cars a lot here. It’s further away but you might like to look at Lauderdale or Seven Mile Beach too. You didn’t ask so feel free to ignore but the other thing I’ve noticed is the very different place of dogs here vs the UK. I am used to friends’ dogs being better behaved than their children and coming out for coffee/lunch/the pub which does not really happen here. Dogs are also not allowed in the National Parks in Tas, which are a real highlight of the place. Good luck with your planning.
  9. Thank you! I wanted to bring it so that’s good news for me. I’ve sent a shipping enquiry via your website. Thanks again. (And yes the cleaning is going to be a challenge!)
  10. Hi Iron Chef. Thanks for putting all this very useful information out there. I have another “is it worth it” scenario. Thanks! - year of manufacture 2016 - make, model & variant Land Rover Discovery 4 Landmark - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) 4x4 - engine size & fuel type 3 litre diesel - transmission automatic - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) 4WD - mileage 22000 miles any special features, options or modification top of the range specification, including rear seat entertainment / privacy glass, rear view camera assist, heated seats and steering wheel (!!) - does it have aircon yes - realistic current UK market value £34k on webuyanycar.com - Australian RedBook value (www.redbook.com.au - click through to the page with 'Private Price Guide', 'Trade In Price Guide' and 'Price When New' listed, then tell us the 'Private Price Guide' range) Nothing really comparable. Closest is $34,400-$38,600 for a 2012 HSE Luxury - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) $79500 for a 2013 SVD6  - which Australian state/city Hobart
  11. CornishDoc

    Moving back to UK for A levels

    Thank you for the thoughtful comments, and also the info on fee status (good to know).
  12. CornishDoc

    Moving back to UK for A levels

    I’m Australian in London planning a move back to Australia. My kids have done all their schooling in England. My eldest son is in UK Year 9. I am trying to work through all possibilities and I wondered if anyone has any experience of coming to the UK for A levels? We hope it will work out long term and appreciate that it would probably be better for education to be in the one system from 15-18, but would like to know if it’s feasible to rejoin the UK system at A levels. He is bright and currently at a good school. Thank you.