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    Sponsor partner on 820 after ex on 189 left me

    Thanks for the prompt reply @Marisawright I totally understand that. But I'm considering sponsoring her after 4 more months. Which should allow us to have the 12 months total relationship period. Honestly, I do love her, as she's a good person, and documents to prove the genuinity of our relationship are quite in abundance. So would I be eligible thereafter ?
  2. The Immi website hasn't been of much help. I just need one answer, a yes or no. Following is my situation: 1. I and my ex-girlfriend applied together, when I applied for my 189 visa about 3 years ago. We were neither married, nor registered any NSW relationship certificate, but lived together before the application for 3 years. 2. We did receive our PR within a year 3. Within months, she decided to leave me, and is not even in Australia now. 4. I have been seeing someone for the past 8 months. Can I sponsor her for the 820 visa ? Am I still eligible ? I've already reached out to 3 registered migration agents, with differing answers. Browsed through several pages of the immi site in vain. A restriction defined as a waiting period of 5 years should have more clarity around it. All I seek is a yes or a no .