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  1. Lambo1602

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Aw that’s good I’m glad your all settled, sorry for my late reply on night shift, he doesn’t weld.....well he can do some basic welds but not enough to do it as a job is that something he would just have to do as part of a job? He doesn’t mind doing that but plenty of Pipefitter jobs say have to pass welding tests etc, we looked at getting his skills assessed but the duc said he would fall under metal fab he isn’t one of those due to the welding side and the sheet metal part, he’s just been a Pipefitter doing power plants, oil and gas, plant rooms, zoos, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants etc that’s where it gets difficult due to the welding aspect of it
  2. Lambo1602

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hi lavers yeah we seen there’s loads of work for metal fabricators just he’s not a metal fab trust him to have the only trade that’s not recognised out there! We would like Melbourne but we need to go where there’s a job for him so we are open to anywhere really, his original qual is heating and vent engineer but with no aircon experience that’s pretty pointless we are finding out. I can work in any state so will work around him. have you settled into Aussie life? Did you have your skills assessed prior to going or have you not needed the Aussie trade?
  3. Lambo1602

    Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hi bwatt99 I’ve been reading your threads for a while now, did you have your skills assessment done? We are coming over towards the end of this year and my partners a Pipefitter in uk and we are debating is it worthwhile getting his skilled assessed or not bother? His original qual is heating and ventilation but we have been told most pipefitters get skilled assessed for metal fab as he has no aircon experience, just wanted your experience as to what it’s like out there for pipefitters