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  1. officerlog

    Skilled Occupation ambiguity

    Thanks everyone. It feels like they are quite specific with regards to financial service roles in the skilled occupation list when the reality is that there are so many niche areas and transferable skills within most of the roles there. Looking at the job descriptions, the reality is that my job doesn’t fit neatly into many of the bullet points. would this mean that I should stop my application? Presumably once I get to the skills assessment, they will be pretty strict on whether my roles tick the boxes of the occupation I am applying under. slightly disheartening particularly as I feel my job is in quite high demand here and would probably be considered “front office” and (relatively ) skilled
  2. Hi all what to do when there is some grey area in the skilled occupation list vs your job? I work in a relatively specialised field within investment research whereby we sell macro research into financial institutions so “advise” them in that regard. Prior to this I spent 10 year working at various organisations on the client side of investment management. I don’t manage money per se. My occupation would probably be within “finance broker 222112” but it doesn’t match the descriptions exactly. my concern would be at the skills assessment stage with VETASSESS (I believe) and getting a rejection based on my occupation not being exactly eg a “finance broker” or “commodity broker” and therefore not ticking all of the requirements. any thoughts on this from anyone please?
  3. officerlog

    Midwife 491/190

    Morning all My partner is a trained midwife albeit we have 3 children now and she hasn’t worked for a few years and therefore her registration has lapsed. I work in financial services in funds management/investment research. I understand midwives are on the list of priority workers so she would be the main applicant with our preference being for Perth, but generally quite open as long as it’s not too rural. if she has 5+ years experience would she need to retrain here in the UK or would this be possible in Australia given the demand for midwives? I have a call with a visa agent to discuss options next week but would be great to hear any thoughts and even on my chances of getting an invitation (I’m aware this is extremely unlikely this year). We both have around 75 points.