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    International Work Experience Required ANMAC

    Thank you for your response! I have read up on each aspect and have gathered that: For points to be added to my 189 visa application under the work experience section, I'd need to first prove to ANMAC in my skills assessment that I have done at least 36 months of full time work experience. In my case, I reach 75 points without having this 36 months so I don't need to have done this amount. Is this correct? Other than that, I have not found any strict work experience requirements for ANMAC, AHPRA or DHA visa application. Am I missing something? Thanks again!
  2. It might seem like a simple question, but I can't seem to find a simple answer... hoping someone can help :) I am currently studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Adult Nursing in the UK. I am just wondering whether there is a minimum requirement for work experience in the UK, before being able to register as a nurse in Australia. Or does it just come down to points? I am planning on doing around 1 year in the UK before applying for a Skilled Independent visa (189). I know that the visa can take a long time to go through so will gain more experience while it is being processed. Any information would be really appreciated.