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  1. Hi there, doesn't matter one iota about a reference for a rental, people talk about references. Think about it, if you owned your own property outright in the UK and never rented, how would you ever have a reference!? You wouldn't. So you just tell them exactly that. We got our first rental no problem at all, and since then got friends that get exactly the same. As most people in the UK have a mortgage, I had personally never rented in my life until arriving in Oz. Spiders.... Just like the UK really, you virtually see nothing at all, and the spiders you generally get in your house are just like home, bloody awful but harmless. You must see the occasional red back, especially on metal, but again few and far between unless you go looking for them. Other deadly animals.... Or Aussie animals. After 6 years in Perth, I have seen a few emus, loads of kangaroos, 1 Bob tail lizard in our garden which are harmless and that's it. If you live in suburbia chances are you'll see nothing. I've never seen a wild snake once. Clothing, your fashion conscious, then stock the hell up as cloths shops are are complete shit. They have no brands you well be familiar with, all the shops you probably buy from won't be here. The closest you'll get is Myer which have big brands. But if your use to Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, River island, Next, Selfridges etc.... Say goodbye. You'll be feeling like your buying clothes from Tesco as the quality is also rubbish. Basically anything made in Australia is shocking. Nothing against the place, actually love it. But they can't make anything of quality. You'll find that out when you build your first house and see the quality of windows, doors, wall treatments, insulation ( or lack of it). Don't get me wrong the houses look amazing but the important stuff is non existent. Your beds, of you have a container take everything, as you can get bedding for everything. Just think they can it Queen instead of King or vice versa. Creepy crawlys and toys left outside. Just check them. Chances are there's nothing in them but just have a look. Finally. Please come on our podcast. We have a chat about anything and everything with you. Your story would be good especially to anyone considering the move to Oz that haven't made any decisions yet. Check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcast etc... Expats n cork hats. Want a chat? Get in touch through Instagram or Facebook @expatsncorkhats Hopefully speak soon, Mark | one half of Expats 'n' Cork Hats
  2. expatdownunder

    New Expats 'n' Cork Hats podcast episode

    Hey everyone, we have but done many posts on here but we have just put episode 6 live in Spotify, tap the below link to listen. It's also on iTunes, Google podcasts, Deezer etc... If you don't know what we are about, we simply get expats on and have a chat about their experiences. No script, anything goes conversation. We even have people booked to come in the show who are still in the UK waiting for visas to be approved. This week's episode is Scott who is a Perth bag piper for WA Police. Was lovely chatting to him and finding out some of the stuff he has been up too in his short time in a Australia.
  3. expatdownunder

    Moving To Oz? Want To Be On Our Aussie Podcast?

    It's a big decision, don't make it lightly as it truly is life changing. When would be good for you? As you would be the first guest that hasn't made the move already and I know for all our listeners and potential new listeners, getting thoughts from someone in the very early stages will be really interesting. For people like yourself that are thinking of coming out here, and for people like myself that already made the move as it resonates with us as we have gone through all the same struggles and emotions. Let me know when you would like to come in and we'll try and work around you. The show may not be live for 4 weeks or so as we are have content booked up until the end of March. Speak soon hopefully, Mark
  4. Hey guys, hope everyone is well and to anyone affected by Covid our thoughts are with you all. I used to be a member of this site back in 2010 ish, we moved to Oz in 2014 and not needed to log in until now. I have since completely forgot my login details so I created a new account. This was BY FAR the best resource tool for us when we was going through the stages back in 2009 when we began our search down the rabbit hole. We now have a podcast here in Perth, WA called Expats 'n' Cork Hats. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and all the others too. If you want to be a guest on our show we would REALLY LOVE to have you on to discuss everything about your journey. You may be here in Oz wanting to go home, or you may be still in the UK thinking about coming here... Whatever your circumstances we would love to talk to you. We have done a few recordings now via Skype, it keeps it personal and intimate. We don't show the video, we just use it for the audio so don't worry, no one will see you. So, if you want to share your story to help or inspire others, please get in touch. Mark Rogers (One half of Expats 'n' Cork Hats).