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    494 Visa help

    After months of trying to find a suitable skilled worker in Australia, our company resorted to hiring from overseas. The regional shortage for the particular role was genuine. Whilst an SESR 494 visa has been "expensive", it can be worth it for the company when this is the case. We did not need a migration agent but needed to spend a few hours a day over a couple of weeks on the various applications. COMPANY does/pays: 1. SBS Application on IMMI - Sponsor fee $425 2. RCB advice Application on WA Migration - fee $200 3. Company 494 visa Nomination Application $3042 NOMINEE does/pays: 4. 494 visa Nominee Application - AU$7000 (family of 4) 5. VetAssess $1527 (priority service) 6. Local Police Clearance ~$50 7. English Tests ~$528 (for 2) Add: Flights $??? Quarantine $3360 in WA (Feb 2021) We both had to gather all sorts of other documents, certificates and complete online application forms which required a lot of attention to detail, but at the end of the day we are satisfied that this will be worth all the effort as we will eventually get the role filled. From our perspective, the added value a migration agent provides is their familiarity with the process and therefore peace of mind, but they don't get any special dispensation as the process, forms, attachments etc submitted are the same and any company with a genuine case that meets the regional skills shortage requirements who can follow detailed instructions and has the time and energy can make this happen.