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  1. Metalgoat83

    Digital forensics?

    Cheers for the responses so far Surely I cant be the first person to emmigrate to Australia within the field of 'digital forensics'??
  2. Metalgoat83

    Digital forensics?

    dear all on Pomsinoz I have been in the industry of digital forensics or 10 years now... all based in law enforcement here in the uk. I have looked through all the anzco codes and nothing really seems to fit. My job description does not fit exactly within the IT sector, there is no assessment for investigation, i am not a police officer and I'm not network/cyber security either... I'm somewhere between all of these. Does anyone know of anyone who has had been granted a visa through digital forensics or can anyone provide any help at all? Many thanks and congrats to all who have taken the big step. Cheers