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    Recommended migration agent?

    That's brilliant thanks so much @calNgary I will have a little look through. We were both on working holiday visa, then applied for temporary working visa throuhh my partners job (sponsorship) but it got declined as we did it ourselves not through a migration agent. They asked for additional information from his employer and they didn't provide in time so it got declined. Hence why we really want to do it the right way this time so hopefully it will get granted. Although this time we would try apply for permanent residency. Thank you @Jia I will send you a private message.
  2. Jess B

    Recommended migration agent?

    Hello everyone, Both me and my partner are hoping to move back over to Australia, after living over there for a couple of years but unfortunately had to come back home approx 4 years ago. Does anyone recommend a particular migration agent to help us with the process? We are based in the North East of England, although I know at this moment in time everything is being done online anyway. I have had a look online for recommendations but thought this is probably the best place to ask. Any information would be really really helpful...thanks in advance, Jess