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  1. Hi Guys, I am on student visa in Australia with a 5010 condition. My circumstances have changed and wanted to know if I am eligible to apply for a protection visa? Do I need to waive this? or I can directly apply? Please help me.
  2. Hi guys, My friend is happily married in Australia and has children (everyone Australian citizen by birth) He went abroad to a Middle Eastern country about 3 years, got married and had a child (about two years old now) - they are lawfully married in that country. His child is an Australian Citizen by descent and has a valid passport. He now wants to bring his "wife" and daughter to Australia and needs some guidance. He was looking at de facto partner visa and parent visa (as she is under 18, he was going to sponsor her as he is a direct relative of the child) - but his unsure if either of these are in the right direction. I know its an odd scenario, but I know in the middle east its not uncommon for people to be married to multiple women. Please provide come guidance, thank you!
  3. Kawa223

    Onshore 476 Visa Help

    I understand, but my application is straight forward. I lodged while holding a substantive visa and believe I meet the requirements for the 476? Is there any other reason they didn't issue me a BVA? Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, I was on a student visa till two weeks ago (20 January 2021). I lodged a subclass 476 - skilled graduate visa in 2020 (11 November 2020) and was issued a bridging visa C with no work rights. I have two issues now. Firstly should I have been issued a Bridging Visa A with work rights? Secondly when I do a VEVO my status does not display, I am scared the bridging visa is not in effect. HELP ME PLEASE!