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  1. bowbow

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Our daughters application was approved in just under 3 months. Does anyone know how long it normally takes for the citizenship by descent extract to then arrive in the post? (In the UK specifically.)
  2. bowbow

    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Thanks - are you sure about that though? I did think that but when you log on to the passport application form (which I know ultimately has to be delivered by hand), where you have to prove Australian citizenship it asks for "Australian citizenship certificate (or extract from the register of citizenship by descent)". This website also suggests the extract is sufficient to obtain a passport - https://www.passports.gov.au/getting-passport-how-it-works/documents-you-need/citizenship#citizenship certificate: What counts as a citizenship certificate? Australian citizenship certificates can also be known by other names: Conferral Certificate Evidence Certificate Declaratory Certificate Citizenship by Descent (extract) Certificate of Naturalisation Australian citizenship certificate of an adoption in accordance with the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption or bilateral arrangement extract from the Register of Australian Births Abroad.
  3. bowbow

    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Hi vongole83, just wondered how long the gap was between your child being granted citizenship by descent and receiving their citizenship extract in the post?
  4. bowbow

    Phone nightmare

    Make sure they understand the importance of your request, and timescales, and tell them you want the issue escalated as a complaint immediately. I remember having an access issue with Halifax a while ago and it was just the person I was speaking to not knowing how to sort the problem - there's always a fix, you just need to speak to the person who knows how.
  5. bowbow

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Hi Robin, yes we received that email on Friday 19th, so a bit over a week before the application itself was approved. Good luck.
  6. bowbow

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    If it's helpful as an (anecdotal) indication of timelines - our daughter's citizenship by descent application was approved today, having been submitted on 4 January.
  7. If I was you I'd just get everything now and upload it. I uploaded everything asap and my 309/100 was granted in three weeks.
  8. I got an appointment at the Knightsbridge clinic quickly - called on the Monday and my appointment was on a Thursday (I think they could have got me in even sooner). They said they generally have pretty good availability, so just give them a ring. The health check results do get uploaded automatically yes (or at least that's what happened with me - if there was an issue with them I suppose they could call you first, I'm not entirely sure).
  9. I have a good news story to share for those applying from the UK (and maybe more generally?): - 309/100 application submitted 28 February, attaching everything I could at the time, including UK police check - Medical carried out 4 March - 309/100 visas granted simultaneously on 23 March Ours would have been a very straightforward case - together for 10 years, living together for almost 9, joint property owners for over 6, married for over 3 years and we have a child together born in 2019. But I am still pleasantly surprised that it's all been granted so quickly...
  10. bowbow

    Form 1195 Occupation Equivalence

    To be fair the instructions aren't very clear on this particular point - I wasn't sure myself. I ended up using an English-qualified lawyer friend of mine as the 1195 form just says "Legal practitioner" rather than "Legal practitioner admitted in Australia" (or similar - as is the case for accountants). The problem is that the form refers to "profession or occupation" but is then is actually quite a bit more prescriptive than that in some cases. But wrussell is a Registered Migration Agent and has said it's fine, so if I were you I'd just go with it!
  11. bowbow

    Getting a Mortgage in Australia

    Hi, I also have a mortgage related question so thought I'd post here rather than start a new thread. Depending on how long my onshore partnership visa takes to come through, I may be on a bridging visa for some time. Assuming I am working and have an income, does anyone know about obtaining a mortgage when on a bridging visa? Google suggests it's possible but wondering if anyone has direct experience. My wife is an Australian citizen. If it matters, it's likely that our loan to value ratio should be small (well under 50%) as we should have a fair bit of cash from selling our UK home before moving. Thanks
  12. bowbow

    309 partnership visa applications

    @Marisawright if one took this approach and entered on a visitor visa with a pending offshore partnership visa app, what happens if the visitor visa expires before the offshore app is determined? Do you have to leave? Or do you go onto a bridging visa - if so would this bridging visa have work rights (in the same way that the bridging visa you're granted if you're awaiting the outcome of an *onshore* partnership has work rights)? Obviously if the answer is "that's too complicated, speak to your own lawyer" then fair enough!