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  1. Graham Fletcher

    Changing of plugs

    when we first arrived we used those multi-socket boards from England with one adaptor - works for things like TV/DVD player set-ups. Otherwise, just switch them yourself, you have the skills
  2. Graham Fletcher

    What would u ship over from the uk if u left again?

    As a car dealer I say buy local! hahahaha
  3. Graham Fletcher

    What would u ship over from the uk if u left again?

    Churchlands has a fantastic music program if that's a thing for you. Both my sons went there and it was a great school - the younger left 13 years ago so no idea what it's like now but it was a great all round school then. My daughter went to Willeton High, also was very good (she left 10 years ago!). In my view, decent areas have decent schools, just like anywhere else - find a suburb you like and roll with it!
  4. Graham Fletcher

    How long to book temp accomodation for?

    Not sure how long stuff takes to arrive but we booked 6 weeks of furnished accommodation when we arrived, after 2 weeks of holidays on the Gold Coast - basically 2 months. We still moved in to our first proper home before the furniture arrived! Fortunately we rented a giant house to start so buying additional furniture was necessary anyway. If i did it again I would give myself three months, you can always leave stuff in storage for a while, rather than be waiting on a ship to dock
  5. I live in rural Queensland, virtually in NSW. I have one jacket that I haven't worn since September maybe. On the Sunshine Coast it never really gets that cold so don't waste money on thermals!
  6. Graham Fletcher

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    I am far from rich but my girlfriend is 17 years younger than me - she is foreign though, obviously confused when I said "I'm brassic""
  7. Graham Fletcher

    Best Regional Area

    Some of my workmates still have "small holdings"... by which they mean 50 acres! hahahaha
  8. Graham Fletcher

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    I lived in Buckinghamshire before I left the first time but was working in Birmingham when I returned. It wasn't the country, per se, it was the people and the vibe more. It just felt so depressing and everyone seemed so angry and down... as my daughter described it, it was all so grey.
  9. Graham Fletcher

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    I went back to England about 6 years ago with my daughter. She was only 11 when we emigrated and had a view of England based on holidays, she felt like she needed to check it out and see where she belonged. We arrived in June, she was back in Australia by November! I had to wait until January when my lease ran out but got straight on the plane the day it expired. All the reasons for leaving in the first place were still intact and we both have absolutely no intention of returning to England ever again! That said, at least the truth about her feelings have been fully examined! At 26 and now a mother I am sure she will be an Aussie forever, just like her brothers (both in their 30's) who have no interest in going back either By contrast, we have no family in Australia and loads in England, modern technology just makes keeping in touch so easy that it has become less relevant where you are for real relationships
  10. Graham Fletcher

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    After my divorce I found it hugely difficult, not being a great frequenter of bars and pubs. I tried the dating apps and everyone I like didn't like me! I may be just too ugly for visuals! I actually met my current partner in a hairdressers, she was working and I was excessively hairy. Met her at a local bar after she knocked off work and the rest is history. At least she couldn't complain about my hair style!
  11. Graham Fletcher

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    thanks for the advice!
  12. Graham Fletcher

    Best Regional Area

    I'm a few hours further out from you and there is NOTHING here! lots of farmland and emptiness. but that's what happens when you chase the big money! hahaha
  13. Graham Fletcher

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    fair play, but you did need it over there. The US, Europe, South America and the UK should have as many as can be found, Australia can wait
  14. Graham Fletcher

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    5 days lost for no reason whatsoever. whilst many agreed (who doesn't like five days off work?) the damage caused economically would be tens of millions of dollars. when local taxes start going up, which they will, that approval might start sliding
  15. Graham Fletcher

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Initial strategy, yes, current strategy, ridiculous. Look at WA - one case and the Premier closes down the lives of 2 million people in the city and all of those traveling to and from. Massive overreaction with no justification. The months of open economy are the very reason panicking Premiers need to sit down and shut up