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  1. I work for a rural car dealership group (4.5 hour drive from Brisbane) and we are keen to bring in some talent under the Skilled Regional Sponsor program. The visa is actually for Mechanics but we have already managed to source several from other parts of the world, hopefully arriving in March. What we really need are two guys to run our biggest workshop. UK training is very similar to Australian but both are much better than most, much better skillsets. If you think you can handle living in the Australian countryside (small town of around 7,000 people, right on the QLD/NSW border) for up to 5 years, have experience as a Workshop Controller or Foreman in a new car environment and meet the sponsorship criteria (under 45 is one I believe!), please personal message me! We are offering above average salary, discounted accommodation, all sponsorship fees covered, ongoing Toyota training and the opportunity to apply for permanent residency after 3 years!
  2. Graham Fletcher

    Moving to Toowoomba

    I live in a town west of Toowoomba, similar size to Roma, and would rather be here than in Toowoomba itself. Fewer facilities but less social problems! Roma is a buzzy little town, maybe you should visit it first before assuming you can't live there
  3. Graham Fletcher

    Query: Moving to Indooroopilly area in Brisbane

    My son lives very close to the shopping centre but heads towards the city for "entertainment" - taxis and Ubers are plentiful! If you are looking for schools and shopping then Indooropilly is fine, if it's nightlife then nah
  4. Graham Fletcher

    Driving licence renewal

    just do it, it will just start when the current one expires anyway
  5. Graham Fletcher

    We made it to Perth!

    One of my sons worked there one summer, in his teens. I guess for small kids it's OK, I prefer my Queensland parks!
  6. Graham Fletcher

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Australian TV is appalling and has been ever since I arrived in 2004. If you don't like "reality" shows or re-runs of cop/fireman/doctor drama shows from America then there is nothing for you. My TV goes on for a bit of sport or movies (way too many adverts but what can you do?). If I didn't have Netflix my TV would probably be in someone else's house because it would be redundant in mine
  7. Graham Fletcher

    We made it to Perth!

    Just in time for the good weather and your not too far from Perth's massive theme park, ADVENTURE WORLD!
  8. Graham Fletcher

    Lionel Bart’s Oliver

    My son was actually in it at the Oxford Playhouse (?) in about 2002! One of those that keeps circling obviously
  9. Graham Fletcher

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    reasonable unless, like me, you haven't been able to see you significant other for 15 months! Or all of the other people who can't see family around the world. I'm all right Jack apparently
  10. Graham Fletcher

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    All the evidence suggests it was not man made but evolved from bats. Conspiracy theories aside, that doesn't alter the potential that it was being studied in the labs in Wuhan and "escaped" - that's certainly a possibility. Blaming Fauci, a man who has spent his entire career trying to help people, and believing Trump, who has basically done the opposite....
  11. Graham Fletcher

    Border opening now mid 2022

    It's a bit like the old adage, we won the war but are losing the peace
  12. Graham Fletcher

    Border opening now mid 2022

    Honestly? Neither
  13. Graham Fletcher

    I know no one will care but...........

    I don't mind a craft beer but I have now discovered that when I drink British beer (bitter not freezing cold) it goes down way too fast! 15 years of cold beer has obviously taught me to drink lager slower and getting some proper beer unleashed the young booze hound again!
  14. Graham Fletcher

    Border opening now mid 2022

  15. Graham Fletcher

    Things you miss about Britain

    well that's my life over then!