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  1. Hi @Lottierh Thanks for the reply Yes I think Covid will push things back for a while now. I won’t be qualified for a couple of years anyway and hope to gain some experience at home before moving. Obviously there is the issue with the skilled occupation list being updated so frequently so I will need to keep up to date with this. How did you find the studying online from the UK. Was it a lot to handle whilst working full time? Also if it was possible to find an worm and an employer to sponsor me I was thinking of using the regional sponsor visa as Perth has been added to the list of regional areas. However not too sure how easy it would be to find a sponsorship. Thank you
  2. Hi I've have been thinking about requalifying as a solicitor in Australia in the future and was wondering if anyone on here could give some advice. Currently I am doing my traineeship in the UK to qualify as a Scottish solicitor which will be completed in 2023. I then plan to work for a few years to gain PQE maybe 2-4 years as I understand that this can help you find a job in Aus and can also help to reduce the number of courses etc you need to complete for a positive skills assessment. I was wondering what the best way is to complete the study requirements for the skills assessment. Is it best to move to Aus and complete the study say over the course of a year then apply for jobs when you are out there or is it easy enough to find work before being admitted in Aus then complete the studies whilst working. If you did choose to complete the study in Aus what is the best visa to do this? Also has anyone completed the studies from the UK before moving over? Would it be worth it getting a skills assessment after 2 years PQE in the UK then completing the studies before moving over to find a job. Also what specific documents can you submit to help reduce the number of courses you need to take for the skills assessment. It might be good to start gathering as much as I can at the moment and build on it before submitting anything. Thanks