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  1. @Raul Senise I appreciate the response. I have over 2 years of experience back at home and 2 years here as casual but if we count the hours they would just end up as 1 year. Well I have a concern, I do hold two passports. I came in with a German passport which I used to apply the visa. I do know that using the German passport I do not need to take any skills assessment. Now here's the catch, if you can answer this then you might have solved my concern. I hold a Philippine passport too because my mother is a Filipina. I know that I have to declare that I do have another passport. Do I need to undergo a skills assessment? I know if would ONLY have the Philippine passport I would have to take an skills assessment if I like it or not. But another thing that I do not understand is why would I have to do a skills assessment if I already did the RPL? Hope you could share some of your expertise on this.
  2. Hi there! I am an absolute newbie to forums so please direct me in the right direction if there is a similar post or thread existing to my situation. So I just got my certificates 3 and 4 in cookery and diploma in hospitality via RPL. We got here in Australia 3 years ago on a student visa(my partner was the primary applicant). I have worked for a resto for a while (2 years casual) plus another 2 years back in our country of origin. After I did my RPL and got my papers, the owner wishes to sponsor me. (he sponsored in the past). Now my concern is what would be the process I would have to go through? I heard that I would have to go through TRA, is that necessary even after doing the RPL process? Could someone kindly breakdown the details of the process I have to go through to get my 482 visa application going and approved I am confused. I met two different lawyers and they have no common process. One told me I can go ahead and apply, while the other said that I am required to go through TRA. I mean I just did an RPL is that not sufficient? again, I just want to be enlightened to what the proper process is so I know what to do. Thanks for any advices in advance. Best, DK