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  1. Sammielou

    Grandson to come and live with us, but how?

    He would be coming to live with us on a permanent basis from the Uk as his only remaining relatives.
  2. Hi Our grandson, who is 12 and currently lives in the uk, for personal reasons needs to come and live with us, we have no idea where to start with the visa process, we are permanent residents. if anyone can help where we look initially it will be of great help.
  3. Sammielou


    Hi Andy We are looking at approximately 3 years time so I will be 57 and hubby would be 56, we have looked on various sites which advise the preservation age etc but I do not klnow how this particular couple were able to take the whole amount to purchase a property
  4. Sammielou


    Hi, my husband and I have lived in Aus for the past 8 years and plan on leaving in a couple of years under the assumption we could take our super as a lump sum. we recently learnt this was not case unless you are a temporary resident. We are sure we were told many years ago that you were able to do this if you wanted to purchase property, can anyone shed any light on this matter.