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  1. Tilly H

    Teacher info

    Sorry I dont think I made my first post clear haha! I have got a 4 year teaching degree and 3 years post qualification experience in secondary school teaching in the UK. Whilst i am currently doing a masters in law in the UK right now - I am still keen to find out what the teaching environment is like in australia as i am thinking of potentially returning to teaching
  2. Tilly H

    Teacher info

    Hi, i am a qualified teacher with 3 years PQE in the UK. i am currently doing a law masters but am keen to find out what the situation is like for teaching in Aus. Is it a similar work environment as in the uk? What are the schools like?
  3. Tilly H

    Citizen by descent - Can I apply?

    He got it in the 70's/80's (i think) through his father who was aussie born and had lived there
  4. Tilly H

    Citizen by descent - Can I apply?

    From what I have read it seems possible (regardless of your age) for you to do this as your dad has lived in aus for at least 2 years! The requirements are on the aussie immigration page I wanted to do a similar thing but sadly my dad has not lived there but has the passport!! very annoying ahah
  5. Thank you both so much for your help! Distance learning is something I have been looking into so hopefully that brings some luck!! I will contact an immigration agent! Last question, do you know if many companies sponsor people who are on WHV?
  6. Hi, I am currently completing my GDL in the UK and wanting to move to Aus beginning of next year. I understand I will need to get my qualifications assessed and complete extra modules in order to practice law in aus. I was wondering if anyone could give advice on 1) Any idea on how many extra modules would I have to do? 2) Would I be allowed to apply for a skilled visa (solicitor) rather than a WHV? If not a skilled visa, does anyone have any advice on what visa I could get, which would allow me to work and study at the same time, as I am conscious that I can only study for up to 4 months for each year of the WHV 3) any other general advice on moving to aus to become a solicitor !! THANK YOU - super grateful for any help