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  1. I am getting advice after the helpful signposting on here. Medical cost are minimal but I understand that because he has a statement at school this is costly to the system. I can see it from both sides. It seems deeply harsh so essentially punish someone for their disability. But equally there isn't a bottomless pit of money, and Australias policy is essentially there to protect it's citizens. When your on the receiving end though it's so sad xx
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I'll book a call with George Lampard before I completely give up on the dream. @Southlander kind words I will keep you posted. We would like to live, work and love life down under!
  3. His vision is likely to be static but doctor can't say for certain. Because he is registered partially sighted he is entitled to disability allowance. It's such a blow to read because of his vision we'll not likely to be able to live in Australia. He's a healthy, clever boy and his vision never holds him back! But can't see how we'll successfully get a visa.
  4. Hi, myself, husband and two boys planned on applying for a PR visa after falling in love with Brisbane. We live in the UK. However it seems this particular dream will not be possible. My son, 5, is registered partially sighted. No other health issues, attending mainstream school but does get educational support for this. It seems we would most definitely be rejected for a PR visa because of this regardless of our skills etc. Guess I'm looking for someone to confirm it? Then I'll cry. Thank you, Lou