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  1. Bob M

    600 Visa Expiring

    Thanks Paul for your prompt reply.
  2. Bob M

    600 Visa Expiring

    Hi one and all, I'm not sure this belongs here, but here goes... My 600 visa expires soon (early March 2021). Prior to this I was here for 6 months (2x3 months) on a eVisitor(subclass 651). My circumstances haven't changed. I'm still a retired old UK bloke with one friend here but no family. Can I apply for a further 600 visa? Only 2 conditions on my current one,8101 - No work, and 8201 - Maximum three months study ....and whilst waiting for a decision, If my family wants me to return to UK during the BVA but before a new visa is granted/Denied, can I apply for a refund of the fee? Regards, and thanks Bob