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  1. Leslie Sutherland

    Needing guidance in moving to Australia

    Many for all the information, not as positive as I had hopped but food for thought. Thanks again. Leslie
  2. Leslie Sutherland

    Needing guidance in moving to Australia

    Hi, I have done plenty of googling but I seem to come out more confused. I want to move permanently to Australia (Brisbane) from Scotland my brother and his young family live there now and became permanent residents in 2018 and covid has taught me to grab what I have with both hands. A year so far not seeing any of my family and 1.5 years since I saw my niece with no end in sight has me pushing this move (missing so much in a toddlers life is heart breaking) Anyway I digress- Where do I start? I don’t want to move without a job but so far I have been told to get a job I need to be in the country with working rights. I am an Accounts & Administration Manager in hospitality and before that in construction. And just need to know: As a 42yrs single female: What visa? what recruitment company can help with a job and potentially the visa? And any other advice people recommend. I realise covid is not in my favour but hoping for a 2021 miracle Thanks