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    Born in the UK, living in CQ

    Yes he is but the want birth certificate/passport etc as a main ID so the Medicare wasn’t enough.
  2. CqPom

    Born in the UK, living in CQ

    They said a letter from the principal would do, I was just wondering about the birth certificate as my own I have the original and a copy (lost at the moment with moving home)
  3. CqPom

    Born in the UK, living in CQ

    Yes, Central Queensland...
  4. CqPom

    Born in the UK, living in CQ

    Thanks Cal, ANZ wouldn't use my sons expired UK passport either... they said no to both his birth certificate and his passport, so it had me stumped... I can obviously use a letter from his principal but it has me flabbergasted that his 2 ID's can't be used by ANZ! Jules x
  5. Hi, So I'm from England and have been living over here for 11 years, my eldest son was also born in the UK, his dad is an Aussie so he has citizenship by descent. The siblings were born here so have Aussie citizenship/birth certificates. My issue now is my eldest is 14 nearly 15 and started working for a friend, so I opened him a bank account but because he is so young he needs ID which he doesn't have...other than his British birth certificate he has no ID... However it was refused because it states at the bottom "not to be used to identification purposes" What the! It now has me thinking I'm going crazy and must of ordered a second copy of his birth certificate and I lost the original... Do all birth certificates from UK have "not to be used to identification purposes?"