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  1. Hi I recently moved to Australia on a 100 visa with my partner who is an Australian citizen. I am a little confused as to whether I should be applying for my own Medicare card or getting added to hers. Is there an advantage/ disadvantage? We are a family of 3 (Us 2 and our 11 month old son if it makes any difference) Thanks
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    Medicare - being on one card vs getting own

    Thanks both - I think we will just all go on the one card
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    Best way to buy a car?

    Hi We are in quarantine in Melb right now and thinking about what comes next. We desperately need to sort out a car, and will just hire one for a bit, but it isn't cheap!! Longer term what are the most common ways people finance car purchases here? In the UK there are a variety of ways to fund it, do things like hire-purchase and PCP exist here? Is there anywhere we can look for good info on this topic? We are looking at buying a nearly- new family car and have a reasonable budget. Thanks
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    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Hi All We are emigrating to Australia in May. I am British with Australian PR (Aussie wife) and our son was born in the UK in August 2020. We have been successful in obtaining Australian citizenship for him, but have not yet applied for an Australian passport for him. He does have a UK passport though. We are a little worried that we won't get his Aus passport before we leave and we need to submit a paper application to the consulate as I understand it. Are we Ok to wait until we are in Australia to apply for his Aus passport and have him enter Australia in May on his UK passport? The letter does mention that he should use an Australian passport, but that only seems to apply to re-entry. Thanks
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    Partner Visa offshore - evidence

    In your circumstances, you will definitely need a migration agent or you are quite likely to waste your money. I would certainly not be attempting such an application without professional support.
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    Newborns Citizenship by descent timeline

    I think it was about January/ February of this year. Was granted 6th April. It was approximately 3 months from submission to us getting the letter.
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    Newborns Citizenship by descent timeline

    Took about 3 months from the UK. Didn't hear anything until it was granted.
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    We are (hopefully - flight permitting!!) MELB bound in May... My Mrs has her heart set on living in Northcote (Being a Melb native but having been away for 9 years now). We are going to be looking for a 4 bed house in the area and moving with our 7 month- old and our dog. From having spent a little bit of time there, it seems like a nice part of town, and well connected to the centre. 3 questions: Does anyone live in the area? What is it like? Are there any areas in/ close to Northcote to avoid? Are there any areas you might consider instead? In regards to dogs/ babies, how is the area? I've looked at parks, nurseries, etc. but any anecdotal info welcome too Thanks
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    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Hi Laf4150, Yes exactly this. We only managed to get the Citizenship by Descent cert before we flew (He also had a UK passport). No additional paperwork. We called both the helpline in Australia and the Consulate in London. Both advised us of the same thing. It's called 'Undocumented Uplift'. (https://uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/PassportsWelcomePage.html) We also rang Etihad about a week before our flight and advised them of the same an they seemed fine with it on the phone. At the airport we just took his passport and cert (They didn't even want to see his cert) and I believe they called Aus immigration to check his status. It took about half an hour in total so arrive at the airport in plenty of time. In Melbourne we had to go to a special desk where, again I think they rang or verified that he was a citizen. Bear in mind the process might change again between now and when you fly, but this worked for us!
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    We are mad Lol

    Yes we will use the return portion for a visit to the UK next year if COVID allows. The return leg has free changes too. Forgot to mention the economy return made the price lower than 1 way biz class... booking outwards only was about £12,000! Crazy! Anyway well worth taking a look as there were lots of dates offering this when we booked. I didn’t want to post about it until we actually got here as I was a little sceptical it wasn’t all too good to be true price-wise
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    We are mad Lol

    We flew into Melb on Etihad - We bagged a return ticket (Out in Business, back in Economy) for £4,100 for 2 adults and an infant. We managed to take 130Kg of luggage + a heavy push chair as part of that. Very pleased with the service and we didn't get cancelled on either! We found this fare by perusing Skyscanner and Kayak for various dates... There were quite a few different options available a couple of months ago!
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    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Update: We landed in Melbourne earlier this evening with the little one not having an Aussie passport (Citizenship by descent). It took Etihad about 30 mins to sort it all out in London and a bit more admin at immigration in Melbourne, but all fine in the end! Day 1 of 14 in the Novotel starts now!
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    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Sorry you are indeed correct. When you expand the options in the application form you can see this is accepted. I will edit my post above in case anyone else reads my incorrect info Edit: Option to edit my post is not there.
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    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Thanks PaulHand - we will give them a ring! bowbow it only got granted yesterday so we have not had anything yet. The citizenship by descent approval is NOT actually proof of citizenship - you have to apply for that separately before you can get a passport. Only takes around a week plus postage time I believe though.
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    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    Thanks. We will get on it ASAP!
  16. Hi We are moving to Melbourne around April/ May this year and are wondering about mortgages: I am the primary earner (and the inbound Pom) and my partner, the Aussie is likely to earn quite a lot less than me. Will this affect our lending eligibility? On a 100 (PR) visa, how easy/ hard is it to get a mortgage? Could we expect to get the same rates as citizens given I will have a relatively light credit history in AUS? Will HSBC (my bank here UK) for instance be more sympathetic to my situation given they know my UK credit history than -for example- NAB or Westpac might be? When looking at mortgage calculators, how much is bonus/ OTE taken into account by lenders in Aus? Interest rates on Aus mortgages seem quite a lot higher than the UK- is this the case? Thanks!
  17. vongole83

    309/100 application

    I submitted my application for a 309/100 in September and got the grant in late December. (Berlin office). The below is not advice as such (I am not an immigration professional) but this is what I did: 1. When you say a referral - you mean the department have asked you to go for them? I personally went when asked (about 2 months after submission) but as you say, they expire, so it is your risk. My personal opinion (Not advice) is that if the department is asking, then one should go. 2. Yes. The help section of the application explains the criteria regarding which countries you will need them for quite clearly. When I did my application, I waited until I was asked for it. I believe it lasts a year before needing re-doing. I only needed UK, as I had not lived anywhere else for long enough, but my other half needed Australia and UK for her SP-40, which accompanied my application. 3. I did not do this. 100 attachments goes fast - I did the main application form, then wrote a covering document for each of the 'big' questions (Things like the makeup of your relationship, how you split household affairs and finances, mutual commitment, etc) - probably an average of 2-4 pages of detail depending on the question, but then referenced documents from other sections as required and highlighted relevant information within bank statements, and so on, colour coding it according to the question I was answering (i.e. red highlights where it was evidence as to how we split household costs like bills, and yellow where I highlighted some things in relation to us sharing the costs of holidays and our dog's expenses in another question) 4. Cluster them, or you will probably run out of attachments. I didn't attach loads and loads though (But my circumstances could be very different to yours). Around 15 photos total + a selection of wedding invites/ thank you cards, cards and notes to each other, cards from her parents, etc... but all bundled together in a few logically organised PDFs. I just did a selection throughout time and ensured that every single item was referenced in one of my attached documents. Doing this well takes a LOT of time! I think I was working on it for the entirety of most evenings and a few weekends for about 2-3 weeks.
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    Getting a Mortgage in Australia

    Thanks both! sorry one more question - do properties tend to go ‘under offer’ below/ close to asking price like the UK? Or is it normal to end up paying above the guide price? (Looking at suburbs in Melbourne like Northcote) Thanks
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    IT Tech Careers UK vs Australia

    Yeah everything over Zoom and I obtained my PR visa myself. I didn’t have rights to work when I applied for the role but they were willing to be flexible on letting me work from the UK and/ or look at a temporary assignment (employed from the UK) In Oz til the visa came through.
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    IT Tech Careers UK vs Australia

    I work in sales engineering for a large cloud software vendor in London (who are known to pay well within the industry). I have accepted a new role in a different organisation in Melb. I found salaries to be broadly the same between the UK and Aus within my specific sector. I think the overall cost of living is lower in Melbourne than London so I envisage myself as being better off when I finally move.
  21. Congratulations! Ours was approved on extremely similar timelines (Sept- Christmas Eve) We are not married but have a child - I don’t know if that makes a difference. We also had our application processed in Berlin. I wouldn’t go so far as to advise people to front load their applications (we didn’t) but I do wonder if the office (Berlin) and having kids makes a big difference. Also we were extremely thorough in our explanations of finances, house hold composition, etc and provided a selection of evidence well spaced out over the 6 years we have been together - and every single photo or document was referenced somewhere in our application - nothing was added in just to add weight to the application. It did take an awfully long time to put together but seems to have paid off...
  22. We only uploaded 2x 888s and it was enough for a swift approval.
  23. Hi I had my 100/309 granted on Christmas eve - less than 3 months after submission - which was a shock! Anyway we are now thinking about next steps. (We are currently in the UK) - no fixed plans to travel yet, but want to be prepared... My partner is an Australian national and we have a son together (Born in the UK in 2020). - Do I need an ETA or anything else to travel to Australia? I assume not - I just turn up at the airport with my passport and visa grant letters? - Do I need to apply for an exemption to enter Australia under COVID rules? It says RETURNING PRs do not, (But I am entering for the first time so this is not me) BUT it does say that immediate families of Australian citizens (My partner - we are not married or in a civil partnership) do not need to file an exemption.... Do I count as immediate family? Thanks!
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    309/ 100 Granted - 2 Questions!

    Thanks! Yes we are working on sorting our son’s status out as he does not get Australian citizenship by descent. It was processed in Germany.