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  1. Thank you, Raul, for such a quick reply. Much appreciated! :) I am worrying as my job title was Coordinator although my most of my daily job tasks were related to internal auditing [in 90%]. Also, I am wondering if the fact that I was mainly auditing the innternal hr processes in hr department [huge global automotive company - our Center was taking care of hr for the company's all European branches and plants] would be considered as enough for the skill assessment. Cheers! Eliza
  2. Hello Everyone This is my first post here. I hope I'll find what I am looking for. I am planning to apply for skill assessment for occupation INTERNAL AUDITOR (ANZSCO Code: 221214) at VETASSESS. I head it's incredibly difficult to get positve outcome for that. Thus, I was really hoping you guys (especially those who has experience in the topic) can give me advice and suggestions. I'll be much obliged for any! Thank you in advance, Eliza