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  1. Sejal

    Pathway to PR

    Hi, I have completed 2 semester of MPA in Sydney based Uni and working as an Account Assistant. I am planning to move regional (SA) to complete my study. Would there be any chance for getting 190/491 i get a job in Accounting sector after graduation? As it is really tough to get PR from Accounting.Most of the Migration Agent also suggested me to do Masters in Early Childhood or Graduate Entry in Nursing. Which path is more reliable to get PR?
  2. Sejal

    Pathway to PR

    @wrussell I am not getting good advice from the consultant. The government also haven't published the financial year yet. So, I am in a confusing.
  3. Sejal

    Pathway to PR

    Hello everyone, I and my husband arrived in Sydney in March 2020. I am studying MPA in Sydney based university. I have already completed my 2 semesters here. I am working as an Account Assistant. Now I am thinking to move to the regional area to complete my degree. As I am new here, I am looking for a suggestion from you guys like which state would be better for Accounting and so on. I would appreciate it if you provide me with genuine advice. Thank you.