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  1. Minnn90

    Issue with names

    I see. Thanks so much for your suggestion. I'll seek professional advice from a RMA. Thanks!
  2. Minnn90

    Issue with names

    Ooppss. Apologies for the misunderstanding!
  3. Minnn90

    Issue with names

    I have not. Because I will be applying it myself. Also, i'm guessing migration agent would not answer my questions knowing that I won't be engaging them for their service - i could be wrong.
  4. Minnn90

    Issue with names

    Hi, I have 2 issues with names that I'm hoping someone can shed some light. A lil bit of a background: I'm currently under TSS employer sponsored. I'm planning to apply 491 - family sponsor or 189. I wont be considering Employer because I couldn't meet the criteria. Problem 1: I'm a Malaysian Chinese, the format of my name (as shown in my passport) is "Englishname Surname Chinesename" For Chinese, surnames will be located inbetween and not the at the end like "Michelle Baron" for Baron being the surname. According to immi website, the format of chinese name should be typed as : "Englishname Chinesename Surname". In My immi account, I have typed the name as per the format suggestes by immi. However, the company who sponsored me on my TSS lodged my name as "Englishname Surname Chinesename" - which is reflected in my Vevo. I am planning to lodge my eoi to apply for 491 / 189 soon. The name on all my supporting documents (PTE, Assessment etc) is compliance with the format suggested by immi. My question is, will there be any potential issue arising from this difference in position of surnames? Problem 2: I needed to prove that the person who will be sponsoring me is my first cousin. Hence, I have gotten the birth certs of my father and my uncle to show that they are siblings. However, there's a discrepancies in spelling. This is not usual in my country during the 1940s or 50s. My grandparents are also illiterate - i guess they did not check? The name of my grandfather on my father's birth cert is : "Meng". The name of my grandfather on my uncle's birth cert is : "Eng". They are the same person. I'm guessing this could be a potential issue that may arise when I provide these documents to prove my relationship? What options do I have for this typo error that happened in the 1940s? My grandfather is no longer here, so the document cannot be corrected either. I'd appreciate any suggestions! Thank you in advance.