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  1. Robin’s Emigrating

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    That’s great! We had a quote from PSS too and are just waiting on an equivalent quote from John Masons. Do you know what happens if you don’t arrive within 6 months of your shipment? We’re planning to arrive a couple of weeks before it does, so that it’s ready when we get out of quarantine, although obviously as you say it’s all predicated on flights still running.
  2. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    @AliGWe had the same concern but ended up submitting both in parallel (with the kids citizenship listed as ‘other’ in my 309/100 application). Visa was approved so didn’t seem to cause any issues.
  3. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Yes that correct. While you can’t do a 309 visa for your kids (that’s for spouses only), you can technically do a visa application for them instead of applying for citizenship. I can’t remember the number for the visa, but it’s out there. However there’s little point in doing so as they’ve a direct claim to citizenship from your wife, so easier to apply directly for citizenship and then an Australian passport. Typically the 309 will take longer than the citizenship anyway.
  4. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    That's super helpful. Thank you!
  5. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Thanks. Here's another quick question...what happens is their citizenship is approved but we haven't had enough time to get their Passports? Could they travel on their British passports and show some type of certification of their citizenship, or would we have to wait until their passport has arrived? My understanding from reading the government website is that visas cannot be issued to Australian citizens for use in overseas passports. As such am wondering if we could show some type of citizenship proof, or would have to rush getting a passport through.
  6. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Thanks Laura. I assume that our daughters would still be able to enter Australia, even with the current travel restrictions and using their British passports, on the grounds that they're dependents of an Australian Citizen (my wife) and an Australian Permanent Resident (myself)?
  7. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent Timeline

    Anyone have any updates on the latest citizenship by descent timelines? We applied for ours for our daughters around 2 months ago (we’re based in the UK) but no response yet. Have heard it can take around 3 months, and its within the 75% timeline of 5 months on the website, however am hoping we can get it within the next months or two or it will start causing us a headache with our move plans. Anything anyone can share about recent experiences would be really appreciated. Alternatively, if you think we could still migrate prior to the citizenships arrival, then let me know how this would work. Note that they both have UK passports, just waiting on the Aussie citizenships and passports
  8. Robin’s Emigrating

    Quarantine - Melbourne vs. Sydney

    Hey All - We plan to live in Melbourne when we move to Australia (likely around Mid to late May) however are dreading the Quarantine experience with a 3 year-old and 1 year-old! Some friends in Australia have mentioned that there are differences between the quarantine facilitates in VIC versus NSW, and we're wondering which of them is likely to give us the best experience for our little ones. There was also some mention of there being apartments available in NSW, which would be way better for kids, versus hotels in VIC. Any guidance or thoughts folks could provide would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thanks @Iron Chef. That's really helpful. One final question; are we likely to encounter issues with insurance and/or eventually selling the car on account of it being an import? The versions in the UK are slightly differently named to those in Australia (e.g. ours is a 'Sport' which I believe translates to a 'Grand Touring' in local terms).
  10. Robin’s Emigrating

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    Hey Folks! Any advice/guidance on best shipping/removals companies for the move to Australia? We've moved overseas and back before to the States, however it was on an expatriate assignment to the whole business was managed by my company. I believe it was with a company called Allied International. Any guidance or pointers warmly received! Moving from near Southampton to Melbourne.
  11. Hey Iron Chef! So good of you to help folks out with this support. I suspect our car is on the lower end of valuations that folks are posting, and perhaps more in the category B or C area, but thought it worth asking your thoughts. Details added below. Anything you can advise would be really appreciated. If it's a yes, then any links or pointers toward how to get things moving with the process would be really appreciated. - year of manufacture 2015 - make, model & variant Mazda CX-5 2.2d (175bhp) Sport Nav AWD 5d Auto 2015/15 - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) SUV - engine size & fuel type 2.2 Diesel - transmission Automatic - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) AWD - mileage 120K KM - any special features, options or modification Navigation, Leather Seats, Reversing Camera, All Round Parking Sensors - does it have aircon Yes - realistic current UK market value £8000-9000 - Australian RedBook value $24600-27500 (Unsure if my car translates to a 'Grand Touring' or an 'Akera' in Australian terminology. If an 'Akera then it's $26-$29K. - which Australian state/city Melbourne - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) Approx $25000-26000 (although a lot of variability)
  12. Robin’s Emigrating

    Citizenship by Descent

    Hey Folks. Submitted two citizenship by descent applications on December 8th for our two daughters. Does anyone have the latest on timeline for these to complete? I know we're still well within the 75% and 90% processing timelines, however trying to get a feel for folks recent experiences. Thanks!
  13. Robin’s Emigrating

    Timeline on 309/100 via applied for in London

    Folks. Can anyone remind me how long the UK police certificates are considered valid for with the Australian authorities? Initially thought it was 6 months, but the website says 1 year for Australian police checks, so wondering if the UK is the same. If they are I will get ours now!
  14. Robin’s Emigrating

    IT Tech Careers UK vs Australia

    Thanks @vongole83. Sounds you applied from the role from the UK - wasn’t sure how common it was for companies to accept folks that weren’t yet on Australian soil. Reassuring to hear that was possible for you Did you interview virtually over Zoom, and also did you already have a visa/right to work there or were you seeking sponsorship as part of your application?
  15. Robin’s Emigrating

    Timeline on 309/100 via applied for in London

    Thanks folks for all the replies. A couple more questions: 1. A few areas in the process talk about the need to 'Certify' documents. including passports and birth certificates. My Birth Certificate already has the line 'I xxx person certify that...' as part of the official document. Do you know if a further certification is still required and, if so, how we would obtain that here in the UK? 2. For 888 Forms we've got 4 folks in Australia that will fill out on our behalf. I understand both these forms and their passports (surprisingly, given they're Oz citizens) also need to be certified. Is that your understanding? Also, once the form and passport are certified, do they just need to scan and send digital copies to us to upload? Thanks again for all the wisdom!