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  1. Hi My wife have two sisters (so total 3 kids). My wife is Australian citizen, her elder sister is US citizen and younger one is Canadian citizen. We are thinking to apply for our father-in-law and mother-in-law for parent visa in Australia. Can we apply for them?
  2. MuntasirJoarder

    Can we apply for 804 visa while 600 is still processing?

    I could apply for 804 visa while 600 visa was still processing.
  3. Hi My mother is in Australia now. We applied for 804 - Aged Parent Visa and she got a bridging visa for that. With this bridging visa we applied for Medicare. But they rejected. We applied twice and both time they rejected. Following is directly copied from the Medicare website (https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/subjects/how-enrol-and-get-started-medicare/enrolling-medicare/if-youre-australian-permanent-resident). My questions are: If we now apply for 884 (temporary) visa and get it, will be able to get Medicare? Or do we need to also apply for 864 (0ermanent contributory) also? How it is currently taking to process 884(temporary) visa? With the bridging visa are we allowed to apply for 884 visa? Our main target is to arrange Medicare for our mother as soon as possible. Your responses and guidence will be very much helpful for us.
  4. MuntasirJoarder

    Can we apply for 804 visa while 600 is still processing?

    Today I had a phone chat with Home Affairs. They confirmed me that, I can apply for 804 while 600 processing is ongoing.
  5. My mum came to Australia last year for a year. And before her visa expires I applied for V600 which still in process. They gave Bridging visa A for the interim until they approve V600. Both her kids (me and my sister) are Australian citizens. So we want to apply for Aged Parent Visa (804) while 600 visa processing is ongoing. Can we do that? What are the consequences? Your response will help us.