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  1. girlwander

    APHRA present in person

    @armada this is reassuring that yours has been extended 11 months. Are you planning on presenting in person to Aus or NZ then? @KangaKit have you PIP yet?
  2. girlwander

    APHRA present in person

    Hi @KangaKit What do you mean healthcare agencies, as in ones like Healthcare Australia? I hope I get extra time as otherwise its not very fair given the world pandemic ! Did I see on another post that you had a 491 granted? What's your plan re the border closures?
  3. girlwander


    Hi, I am a midwife from the UK, started the process Sept 2020 and assessment only just completed. Now I need to present in person which is another problem....
  4. My assessment with APHRA has now completed (after 5 months). They have emailed me to say instead of presenting in person within 90 days (April 2021) they are extending this to August 2021. I am in the UK currently, I very much doubt that I will be able to enter Australia before August as I am not PR or citizen (trying to obtain a visa but different now as off shore). Has anyone else been overseas and got round this present in person due to the current pandemic restrictions? Or had a further extension? Thank you
  5. girlwander

    APHRA help!

    @KangaKit how long did it take for APHRA to process your application of decision in principle? Also a Midwife from Uk, TIA
  6. girlwander

    Midwife 190/491

    @Tracey252 @KangaKit how long did it take for ANMAC to approve your application please? I am also a Midwife
  7. girlwander

    ANMAC application

    I submitted my ANMAC info 4 weeks ago now, the website states can take up to 7-8 due to COVID and WFH. I've logged into my account today and it just says 'Documents Received, nothing else. Do they update this as they go? Has anyone submitted their ANMAC info recently and received their positive skills assessment so I have an idea on the timeline please? I'm a Midwife currently on the PMSOL list so keen to get this process moving!!!