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    Well, yes the entire process goes the same; however, sometimes it might changes, depending upon the demand of the situation. So, don’t worry! Be positive and trust the timing of the process!
  2. Then go with your rules!! thanks
  3. I am just giving answer to question, its not your job of asking me!!
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    Queensland 190s

    Please mentions those!!
  5. The permanent Migration Program will remain at a cap of 160,000 places for 2020-21, with planning levels of 79,600 places allocated in the Skill stream and 77,300 places in the Family stream. Child and Special Eligibility visas will make up the remaining 3,100 places. Approximately two thirds of permanent visas in the 2020-21 program are expected to go to people already in Australia. Of the remaining visas, it is anticipated that approximately two thirds will be granted under the Skill stream and one third under the Family stream. Please go through Home Affairs website.. you must not aware of latest updates.https://minister.homeaffairs.gov.au/alantudge/Pages/Permanent-Migration-Program-to-support-Australian-jobs-growth.aspx#:~:text=Permanent Migration Program to support Australian jobs growth.,stream and 77%2C300 places in the Family stream.
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    Queensland 190s

    Well, getting an invitation totally depends upon two main conditions such as: You need to make sure that you have the highest points You need to ensure that your occupation is listed in the demand list of Queensland Well, the processing time is taking a little longer due to the pandemic; however, you can wait for a couple of days if you want to receive an invitation.
  7. The covid-19 has negatively impacted the Australia’s economy. So, post corona virus there will be more opportunities and vacancies for the skilled immigrants who want to apply for Australia PR. Well, it cannot be said that the processing times will be faster or slower, it totally depends upon the Australian Government that how it manages the applications received for the PR
  8. Thanks for the complete information about IELTS and PTE